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  1. 1 hour ago, ahoeben said:

    The camera not showing is a known issue (for some users?) that I have only just been able to reproduce and am trying to find a fix for:



    Okay good to see you can replicate it...I observed it worked in 3.1 but hadn't used it in the newer builds (just been using the SD card!)


    I'll be curious what you find.  I thought the API code was bad or something...

  2. Well I am trying out the Octoprint plug in and while it does find my server and looks to work....no video in the Monitor.  I do have video in my Octoprint web session and elsewhere.  Just not in Cura.  And I have "Show webcam image" checked.


    EDIT:  I've checked my other computers and can confirm it works on Cura 3.1.0


    On other things...in this Beta...


    I wish if Cura required a restart after installing a plugin, it would restart and not require me to go launch the program again  ?


    Also...I really wish Cura would remember what model was open/settings when you open the program.  (S3D does this)



  3. 1 minute ago, ahoeben said:


    I have no idea.


    Since the launch of the beta I have submitted an update that fixes a possible crash when there is no heated bed configured in OctoPrint, and which is more specific about the version of Cura it is compatible with. But that was well after the releasenotes were written, so I have no idea what they refer to.


    Oh....well that is....awkward..   

  4. Thank you for your reply.


    I haven't tried Cura Connect.  I had a friend asking about software to do these things like the machine control panel in S3D, Pronterface, etc....he doesn't have those but he does have Cura.  I didn't know if Cura might have something tucked away in the various versions...or maybe it's on the Coming Soon list?  It's very handy to send commands to your printer, etc.


  5. Maybe this is a wish list item...but maybe it's buried in there....


    I was curious if there is a way to communicate with the printer, like a terminal window, jog commands, move bed up, down, manually control temps, etc in Cura ....or being developed?


    Usually when I am doing things like a PID Autotune...or whenever I need to enter in commands, I wind up using Pronterface, S3D's machine window or via Octoprint's terminal tab.




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  6. Okay well moving it down via the mouse isn't much fun.... but manually typing in 0.1 mm seemed to bring it down just enough to show the complete first layer.  


    Again...weird that I run into this so many times lately!  Cura does a much better job in regards to the Start/Stop line (z seam) and I really want to see how well it does with the Polyalchemy Elixir filament.  I'll give it a shot and let you know in 13 hours!



  7. This one is weird.


    I have had three recent prints where the first layer of the model wasn't placed flat on the bed.  All of these failures happened around layer 2 or 3 since the portions needed to support them on layer one were not printed.


    I even went so far as to have Cura "Lay Flat on Bed" and it still left a side missing




    Yet in Simplify 3D v4 this first layer shows the entire first layer going on.  (Support not checked on...just wanted to do a quick compare on the 1st layer)




    It's just really weird.  Never had this happen before on previous builds  (running the latest)



  8. I wanted to show off some of the nice prints I am getting with this stuff!   Polyalchemy Elixir is impressive!


    I'm using the stock PLA settings in Cura, the only change I am making is once the first layer is down, lowering the temperature to 205C, which seems to be the "sweet spot" for this filament.


    It's a little unsettling when your nozzle first starts to extrude this material.  When I loaded the filament, not much came out.  It was like a "worm" (or the kids might prefer the "booger" term).  I removed it, did an Atomic Pull on my Ultimaker 2+ just to make sure I didn't have a partial clog.  All three pulls came up clean!  I re-loaded it and loaded up a print.  


    Once the extruder starter to prime the nozzle, I used to tweezers to "pull" the plastic out some.  It doesn't leave that spaghetti pile I am used to with normal PLA filament.


    However when you see those layers going down, you know it's extruding just fine.


    I've been printing at 0.15 layer height and you hardly see the print lines.


    The color here is "Purple Rain" and it's very shiny....a bit hard to photograph!



    cat stretch.jpg


  9. One tip I’ve had luck  with...


    In Cura, go to your machine settings and set to Marlin.  Then in Cura you can see the speeds , retract distance and so on


    For my UM2+ I set the retract distance to 6.9 and matched things up from there.   


    Overall I find Cura does OK.  The latest Cura I did a print with had a few problems so I went and did it again in S3D. 

  10. I'm noticing something something "kind of" similar.  When I load a model and chose my settings, I see the "Ready to Slice" and "Slice" happen...but sometimes the Save to File stays greyed out.  If I select something else, say Add Support, that prompts Cura to Slice again and give me the blue Save to File.  


    It's done it to me three times today but when I try to repeat the issue with a new model, it goes back to working fine.  



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