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  1. I just ordered my kit and I am wondering if the kit will include better pulleys? Whom should I contact to replace them with the improved ones? At what cost? Thanks!
  2. Has Ultimaker changed the pulleys? I just ordered my machine and am a little disappointed to see so much commentary on bad pulleys, people ordering replacements...so will/should I replace mine before trying to assemble?
  3. Well...well....do tell! I hope to have mine soon!
  4. To the gentleman that mentioned Van's Aircraft...excellent! I am a private pilot and know their aircraft well. But as to what the original poster stated...I guess customer service is different in Europe than in the United States. Here, we are used to the manufacturer going above and beyond to make sure the customer has everything they need and is satisfied. I would rather have a satisfied customer, with everything they need to print...and show off the wonderful print this device is capable of. Glad I found this thread...I'll be careful to quickly inventory my kit and make sure i have eerything I need.
  5. Another question... I've been reading thru the instructions in ancipation of receivingh my kit soon. One area I am unclear about...the software install. I ordered the Ulti Controller options and just downloaded Cura. I see the opening wizard wants to connect with the printer as well as asking me about firmware. When I refer to the wiki instructions, it seems to skip past this and straight to doing the first print. Do I need to connect to the printer from the computer for the setup process?
  6. Mark, I just made the purchase Friday, but I bought the second extruder to be added at a later date (as SandervG advised) I was going to be lazy and buy the pre-assembled version but after reading about al the tweaks...I think it would be more educational to learn how the printer works. Plus, at some point, I will need to take it apart and doing the second extruder setup! So I completely understand where you are coming from :-P
  7. Just wanted to share...if you are a military veteran (USA), you can purchase the academic version of Solidworkds for $20! http://store.solidworks.com/veteran/default.php The SolidWorks Student Edition includes: SolidWorks 2013-2014 SolidWorks® Premium software eDrawings® SolidWorks Sustainability SolidWorks® Simulation Premium 12 month term-of-use license Note: We will only be selling SolidWorks 2013-2014 The SolidWorks Student Edition cost to qualified US Military Veterans is $20. A copy of your DD214 form is required. System Requirements: Please read the system requirements before purchasing. SolidWorks 2013-2014 does not run on Windows XP.
  8. Are the steppers adversely affected by the heat? The reason I ask is I haven't seen similar motors, in use on CNC machines, needing additional cooling. Also, are any of you adding acrylic/lexan to the openings of the machine to keep heat inside the build area? I have read a few posts where heat is wanted to keep the build area warm, to prevent PLA from warping Looking forward to receive and assemble my own machine soon
  9. I found the thread... http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/2557-assembly-advice-for-rev-4/ So replacing the screws sounds like a sound idea?
  10. LePaul


    Wow, I learned a lot. And glad I asked! Question for the gurus...while my PLA is in the spool, will it absorb moisture from the humid weather?
  11. That thought crossed my mind, since the addition of a second extruder, and using it, is extremely new to everyone I know there are many threads to scroll through....and I intend to check them out...I think there were a few part (screws) changes people made for better results. Especially dealing with the limit switches? I will have to dig some more. But if other Ultimaker owners can chime in suggestion on this upcoming build, I would appreciate it :cool:
  12. Well, I am happy to say I just ordered my Ultimaker printer, the controller and the second extruder kit (pre sale). After reading for many months and many questions and answers...I finally did it. Now I see the directions for the assembly and my coworker and I are excited to get building! What I would like to know is if the assembly wiki documents has been altered for a first time build adding the second extruder (versus build, take apart, add new component) Thanks!! Paul
  13. I like the debate/conversation :cool: Again, I don't mean to sound like I am bad mouthing the wood material. The Ultimaker is ideal for tweaking, mods and hacks so that is why I am asking if this has been done.
  14. Heavy? I'm not sure I would agree with that, completely. As someone who has done a lot with aluminum (2 all-aluminum R2-D2s!), the material size isn't really what I would consider very heavy. When I think of printers, I am thinking of the HP and Ricoh types I work on all day at work. Strong, sturdy and able to handle the stresses the internal components create. There are, of course, other materials that could be used. Lexan comes to mind. For me, it is all a matter of appearance. The Replicator and Solidoodle brands are metal and while I feel they are way inferior to the Ultimaker, I would really like a metal version. Yes, I know I can paint the wood and ignore the burnt edges of the laser cutting process. But again, I think a metal version would look pretty amazing. (And I didn't mention anodizing or polishing the metal to a mirror finish :-P )
  15. LePaul


    I was curious about environmental conditions in production (as mentioned with PLA's needs) I certainly think those guys are on to something and suspect working the kinks out of the process will eventually make for a clever machine/process.
  16. I found the link for the drawings and am viewing them in Adobe Illustrator. I saved them as a .AI format file so I could then open them in SolidWorks. From here I can manipulate them some. I see the wood pieces are 4mm and 6mm Here in the USA, I don't know of any place I can get that size thickness 6061 aluminum. Doing the conversions... 4mm = 0.15748 6mm = 0.23622 To match the 4mm, I know I can buy 0.16" thickness locally To match the 6mm, I know I can buy 0.25" thickness locally But in the world of precision printing, I wonder if this will cause problems. Has anyone laser cut/water jet/milled their own parts from material other than wood? If the difference in tolerances from wood to aluminum isn't a deal breaker, I wouldn't be opposed to trying it. (Why not be unique, right?) I know there is a Beta kit available that is everything minus the 4mm and 6mm laser cut wood pieces and the acrylic build platform Thoughts? Thanks!
  17. Well let me add to that ...finding millimeter sized aluminum is a challenge since everything here is Imperial. My concern is that the close-equivalents wouldn't work well.
  18. I was hoping for some more interesting sample pics of what dual extruders can make. The ones posted left me kind of hoping for something better. I really liked the robot in the ice one.
  19. I'm in Bangor! 100 miles south of you.
  20. How thick is the material used for the Ultimaker? I have access to a CNC machine and I have to tell you, it is very tempting to cut these panels in aluminum. Polished, it would look pretty amazing =)
  21. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/833191773/filastruder-a-robust-inexpensive-filament-extruder?ref=live I'm a bit new to this one but curious if any of the Ultimaker community was part of it? Paul
  22. A friend knows I am close to purchasing an Ultimaker and asked if I had read about the kickstarter project to produce your own filament... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/833191773/filastruder-a-robust-inexpensive-filament-extruder?ref=live I was curious what Ultimaker fans thought? Paul
  23. I've been saving to purchase one and noticed this online tonight...from China? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultimaker-compa ... 231bbaae6e Just wanted to make someone aware of this Paul https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pauls-R2-D2/433737735192
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