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  1. I've had a fair amount of metal work/machining done overseas and DHL is always very quick.

    I saw there was a reselller in the USA (http://www.makershed.com/Ultimaker_3D_Printer_p/mkum1.htm) but it said they were out once you tried to add it to your cart.

    Based on the communication i was reading here on the Ultimaker site between company/technicians and customers, I was comfortable buying the latest and greatest direct from the company. I was on the pre-release list of the second extruder as well, so that I have too


  2. Friends!

    I ordered my Ultimaker kit on a Friday afternoon here in the United States (so no doubt my friends in the Netherlands were closed for the day). It arrived the following Thursday from DHL. The box looks great, so it didn't get squished, damaged or the like.

    I was really impressed how well everything was packaged up, everything is well marked and labeled.

    I do a lot of online purchases and it takes a long time to get things shipped from across the USA at times. For this to come from Europe to here in so short a span...I am just completely impressed.

    I've been following the Ultimaker reviews, stories and news for well over a year. I am pretty excited to put this together over the Labor Day weekend...once, of course, I paint it :)



  3. Has Ultimaker changed the pulleys? I just ordered my machine and am a little disappointed to see so much commentary on bad pulleys, people ordering replacements...so will/should I replace mine before trying to assemble?


  4. To the gentleman that mentioned Van's Aircraft...excellent! I am a private pilot and know their aircraft well.

    But as to what the original poster stated...I guess customer service is different in Europe than in the United States. Here, we are used to the manufacturer going above and beyond to make sure the customer has everything they need and is satisfied.

    I would rather have a satisfied customer, with everything they need to print...and show off the wonderful print this device is capable of.

    Glad I found this thread...I'll be careful to quickly inventory my kit and make sure i have eerything I need.


  5. Another question...

    I've been reading thru the instructions in ancipation of receivingh my kit soon.

    One area I am unclear about...the software install. I ordered the Ulti Controller options and just downloaded Cura. I see the opening wizard wants to connect with the printer as well as asking me about firmware. When I refer to the wiki instructions, it seems to skip past this and straight to doing the first print.

    Do I need to connect to the printer from the computer for the setup process?


  6. Mark,

    I just made the purchase Friday, but I bought the second extruder to be added at a later date (as SandervG advised)

    I was going to be lazy and buy the pre-assembled version but after reading about al the tweaks...I think it would be more educational to learn how the printer works. Plus, at some point, I will need to take it apart and doing the second extruder setup!

    So I completely understand where you are coming from :-P


  7. Just wanted to share...if you are a military veteran (USA), you can purchase the academic version of Solidworkds for $20!


    The SolidWorks Student Edition includes:

    SolidWorks 2013-2014


    • SolidWorks® Premium software
    • eDrawings®
    • SolidWorks Sustainability
    • SolidWorks® Simulation Premium
    • 12 month term-of-use license




    • We will only be selling SolidWorks 2013-2014
    • The SolidWorks Student Edition cost to qualified US Military Veterans is $20. A copy of your DD214 form is required.


    System Requirements: Please read the system requirements before purchasing. SolidWorks 2013-2014 does not run on Windows XP.


  8. Are the steppers adversely affected by the heat?

    The reason I ask is I haven't seen similar motors, in use on CNC machines, needing additional cooling.

    Also, are any of you adding acrylic/lexan to the openings of the machine to keep heat inside the build area? I have read a few posts where heat is wanted to keep the build area warm, to prevent PLA from warping

    Looking forward to receive and assemble my own machine soon


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