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  1. Hello, Looking for an example to follow in terms of making a plugin that would give me a checkbox/ boolean in the print panel. Ideally, im looking for a simple way to select at the end of a long print to retract all of the filament from the extruder. Currently i edit the gcode if i remember... Finally update cura versions in my tool chain from 14.09 to 3.4.1. If some one could point me in the direction for how i can achive this, that would be great. Cheers Kym
  2. My printer has been out of service while i was waiting for a new thermo coupler, got a hothead v2 aswell .This is the first print in a while: Modeled in sculptrix by my gf , some cuts done in netfab and sliced in cura at .2 mm ,1mm walls ,0 infill
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