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  1. Hello,


    Looking for an example to follow in terms of making a plugin that would give me a checkbox/ boolean in the print panel.

    Ideally, im looking for a simple way to select at the end of a long print to retract all of the filament from the extruder.


    Currently i edit the gcode if i remember...


    Finally update cura versions in my tool chain from 14.09 to 3.4.1. 


    If some one could point me in the direction for how i can achive this, that would be great.




  2. Hello,

    I was wondering if any one can point me to a place i can download a linux build of 14.09 cura.

    I had to reinstall the linux box i use for slicing and i realized that i dont have that install any more and it is no longer hosted on the ultimaker site.

    If anyone can help me out, please let me know.



  3. Hey,

    Is there another method or company that sells spare parts for a UM1?

    I tried going through the support.ulktimaker.com creating a ticket, but so far it has been assigned to 2 different people and none of them have responded to my request.

    Im looking for 1.6.7 electronics with out the steppers and then i need to add a new powersupply.

    Un till i replace these parts i have a non working um, so if any one knows when i can source these from id love to know.




  4. Hi,

    I ran into a weird issue today.

    For a while i have been running 14.09 version of cura. but i have been running fw: 13.03 since well forever.

    I use the sd card with my umo.

    Today, I realized that i haven't upgraded the firmware in quite a awhile, so i decided to try the latest and went for the one that ships with cura 14.12.1.

    As i was reading about some of the fixes that have been done in the last few releases of the firmware.

    I re sliced my mesh and tried to run it and the mesh ends out getting printed squashed. see the image.


    Um firmware issues

    So i tried slicing with both 14.09 & 14.12.1 and both slices print squashed.

    If i revert back to 13.03 firmware the prints exported from both 14.09 & 14.12.1 print correctly.

    Can some one explain why this might occur?

    I will try later this evening to go to the firmware that ships with 14.09 to see if that has the same issue.

    edit: i have since reverted back to 13.03 to make sure that the issue only occurs with the firmware and it does.




  5. Hi there,


    I have been printing plenty of semi organic and mechanical models for years, its come to the time where i need to do some sculptures that were modeled in zbrush.


    This print i did last night, 8hrs @ 50mm/sec 100mircons on an um1.


    1 20141116 1135552 20141116 114337


    If you look at the images, the half sphere the character is sitting on and parts of her dress and face, the layering is beautiful . but when it comes to the legs, arms and hair, the layering is not what i expected.


    Im not entirely sure what i need to change, in order to get these layers to print as good as the rest of the model.



    Also here is the profile that was used to print the model:

    layer_height = 0.1

    wall_thickness = 1

    retraction_enable = True

    solid_layer_thickness = 1

    fill_density = 15

    nozzle_size = 0.4

    print_speed = 50

    print_temperature = 210

    print_temperature2 = 0

    print_temperature3 = 0

    print_temperature4 = 0

    print_bed_temperature = 70

    support = Everywhere

    platform_adhesion = None

    support_dual_extrusion = First extruder

    wipe_tower = False

    wipe_tower_volume = 15

    ooze_shield = False

    filament_diameter = 2.85

    filament_diameter2 = 0

    filament_diameter3 = 0

    filament_diameter4 = 0

    filament_flow = 100

    retraction_speed = 50.0

    retraction_amount = 4.5

    retraction_dual_amount = 16.5

    retraction_min_travel = 1.5

    retraction_combing = True

    retraction_minimal_extrusion = 0.02

    retraction_hop = 0.0

    bottom_thickness = 0.2

    object_sink = 0.0

    overlap_dual = 0.2

    travel_speed = 140

    bottom_layer_speed = 20

    infill_speed = 0.0

    inset0_speed = 0.0

    insetx_speed = 0.0

    cool_min_layer_time = 8

    fan_enabled = True

    skirt_line_count = 2

    skirt_gap = 3.0

    skirt_minimal_length = 150.0

    fan_full_height = 0.5

    fan_speed = 100

    fan_speed_max = 100

    cool_min_feedrate = 10

    cool_head_lift = False

    solid_top = True

    solid_bottom = True

    fill_overlap = 10

    support_type = Lines

    support_angle = 40

    support_fill_rate = 15

    support_xy_distance = 0.7

    support_z_distance = .15

    spiralize = False

    brim_line_count = 5

    raft_margin = 5

    raft_line_spacing = 1.0

    raft_base_thickness = 0.3

    raft_base_linewidth = 0.7

    raft_interface_thickness = 0.2

    raft_interface_linewidth = 0.2

    fix_horrible_union_all_type_a = False

    fix_horrible_union_all_type_b = False

    fix_horrible_use_open_bits = True

    fix_horrible_extensive_stitching = False

    plugin_config =

    object_center_x = -1

    object_center_y = -1


    edit: im using cura 14.03. am downloading latest cura, to try that.


    If anyone has time to help me debug this it would be greatly appreciated.

    Im going to print some smaller busts of the model to see if it is profile settings i need to change....





  6. Better clarification now with a clearer head.

    so i have an ulticontroller, if i plug in a heater cartrige in to heater 1 or heater 2 , then connect the thermacoupler amplifier and thermo coupler to the 1st or second input on the black cable.

    on the ulticontroller it displays the current temp and the set temp.

    if i set the nozzle of either 1 or 2 to a number higher than 000, it doesnt register the change on the lcd and the heather blocks do not change temperate.


  7. Hey Folks,

    This may be a fun one, I for one are out of ideas on what is wrong.

    I have a um1 , batch6, if that helps to narrow it down. I also have a ulticontroller and dual extrusion setup with v2 hot heads.

    2 weeks ago, i had a pretty bad clog in my primary head, it got the point where even manually at 240' i could not push pla through. I noticed as well that there was enough pressure and elasticity, that i if i tried to push the pla maunally via the stepper moter, it would not strip, but if i let it go it would unwind its self.

    So i took apart the main head and tried to clean it. Put it back to gether and it printed for 5 min and got the same problem. repeat 2 more times. during this time i noticed that the heat would some times drop 10/15 degrees, which i couldnt explain.

    this weekeend i took the whole head apart, cleaned both of the head thoroughly.

    Started to put it back together, when i noticed that when i set the temp of nozzle 1, it doesnt heat up. ok, so i tried to heat up nozzle 2, that works.

    so i swap heater from nozzle 2 to, 1, that doest work.

    turning the machine one and off in-between all the tests, now when i set the temperature in the controller to 200 on both nozzles do not register the change on in the ulticontroller lcd display, both sit at ~25/000

    i have tested to make sure its not the thermocouplers or the electronic boards.

    the both get the temperature of warm/boiling water.

    i have tried both heater cartriages with both sets of thermocouples and electronics and i have tried them in both heater output on the ultiboard.

    does anyone have any ideas where i can go from here?

    Thanks in advance.



  8. I got my pva from Ultimachine in the Us.

    shipping to toronto, canada was not too much.

    You have to keep it really dry, i now dry my pva for 2-3 hrs in a dehydrater before printing with it (Jelle suggested this on the google group). I also only cut off the amount i need.


  9. I wanted to add diamond age to the list, they manufacture all there own filament.



    I have have 1 roll left of the 4 that i ordered with a friend (we got a 10 pack), and i haven't had any under extrusion or grinding with these.

    They also have a us distributor now as well:


    printbl sells for 48$ + shipping per roll.

    diamondage I have only ever brought in a 10 pack, but to canada its $476 (shipping included) + import taxes



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