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  1. Hey, I have a similar problem, plastic that is at the bottom of a spool, is tighter packed / coiled. This plastic , seems to cause extra friction, and cause the filament to get stuck tin the tube or grind in the feeder. I ended out making a plastic straightener that i run over the filament im about to use, to straightener it out before using it. something similar to this: http://www.leadmaker.co.uk/Seconduserpi ... HTENER.jpg My local surplus store has *hundreds* of grooved bearing that fit the 3.0mm filament snugly. I have had great results, plastic that i previously couldn't use work
  2. I haven't painted mine any colours, but i have a ton of flurecent addon parts. This image was taken last weekend, where i took my printer up to the montreal mini maker faire. or
  3. Yep, that in one of the few screws I have never tightened up. Thanks, I have a whole other day of printing bottle openers and i'm key chain hangers. Cheers Kym
  4. Hey, So i'm at a faire for the weekend . I have been printing for a few hours . Every few prints the controller stops the machine just before it prints the object and displays "sleep" on the ulticontroller display. It's becoming a pain, so I was wondering what causes it? Cheers Kym
  5. I got some filament from diamondage which was spooless. I wanted to use the least amount of plastic possible, so i made these with some heavy duty cardboard from a large lcd tv box: http://www.flickr.com/photos/prottiwatts/7702348514/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/prottiwatts/7702348142/ These are the first meshes i have made in sketchup and still need some work before i put them in thingiverse.
  6. So where would i put a feature request like this?
  7. Hey Guys, I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of where i would go to add or modify fuctions that display on the ulticontroller lcd. some things i want to look at changing: -preheat pla function, i want to change this from 180 to 200/210 -Id like to add a function to prepare menu to set the build platform to its lowest point. -id like to make it so in the card reader it removes the .gco and uses the extra 8 possible chracters to display names for files better. Any help on this would be great. Thanks Kym
  8. All the plastic i have brought so far is from http://a2aprinter.com/ Usually my order is ready to ship the next day. I have never got it shipped as i have a friend that works near there shop. I have tried, the green,white,red,blue and black. Examples of what the colours look like when they are printed (ill add the black when i do a print next): http://www.flickr.com/photos/prottiwatt ... 9694253286 The green and white i purchased first, because i thought the silver that came with the machine was faulty. I was happy, because i put them in the machine and they just worked. The tolerance
  9. Hey James, Id be interested if you do a group buy. Also i can ask the guys at hacklab if they are interested as well. Cheers Kym
  10. Thanks, aligning the belts got rid of the clicking. Cheers Kym
  11. Thanks Guys, Ill try to align my belts tonight when i get home.
  12. Hey Guys, My Ultimaker has started making clicking sounds when it prints. To me it sound like a wood click, or structure shift, its either happening in the front 2 corners or on the sliding blocks. If i turn the machine off and try to repeat the movements that the head is making at print time, i cant hear the sounds at all. i cant see anything hitting the sliding blocks or directly hitting the corner wood. The longer the prints the more frequent the sound becomes. please let me know. Cheers Kym
  13. Hey, So I have been printing pretty good for a few weeks. The other night I found during a 2 hour print that I could hear a clicking and grinding sound. Yay. The grinding was coming from the xmotor its band was rubbing on the wood frame when the head traveled from left to right. I realigned the drive gear on the motor and the one on the x rod. Then I relised that the y back rod was causing the clicking. It was traveling 1~1.5mm from left to right on fast moves. Im not sure how I fixed this, but it has stopped. Now I get some prints with gaps between the border and the infin as well as rea
  14. Thanks for the reply. realised my problem was that the front stoppers were switched. all is good in the world.
  15. Ok, so the question then becomes. if i calibrated the machine and build platform in replicatorg 24 with the standard firmware. now that im using cura, and updated to marlin, how do i re calibrate? or do i need to i notice that cura doesnt have a control panel type thing that rep g has... soo?
  16. heh... i just saw this on the cura wiki: Cura-RC2 (Known bug: both machine check and 100mm extrusion are bugged in FirstRunWizard. Skip them) carry on.
  17. Hey guys, So based on the response from my last post: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=784 i switched to cura. Previously i got to the print stage, after configuuring the end stops and extruding some plastic. But with cura, i cannot get past the ultimaker checkup. It fails on: "Error: Missing reply to Deactivate steppers (M84)." "Possible cause: Temperature MIN/MAX.\n Check temperature sensor connections." I have turned off the machine a few times now and checked all the connections to the electronics , with no luck of getting past this problem. I saw in the out put that i was getting a No
  18. Hey Guys, So i have gotten to the first print stage and am having some troubles. Im currently working my way through this page: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Newcomer_guid ... t_3D_print For software, since i am usning an old 32bit winxp i chose: UltiReplicatorG-0024-r3-windows.zip from the software page. now, it lets me connected to the printer, i have checked all the stops, in the NewComer_guide im up to step 4 : generating the gcode. in the software version i have , i can select skienforge 39 settings and not 40 that is in the docs. if i edit any of the profiles, to the settings in th
  19. order #1850 Ordered 19-03-2012 Confirmed Payment: 21-03-2012 Arrived: 24-04-2012 Thanks
  20. order #1850 Ordered 19-03-2012 Confirmed Payment: 21-03-2012 does anyone have estimates on the time it takes to ship to north america? Cheers
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