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  1. I would be interested in participating since I'm also not happy with the standard blue tape. However, depending on the weight of your roll, I guess shipping from country to country might cost some bucks. (I live in Germany) How much did you have to pay for that 33m roll? Kapton isn't inexpensive, is it? But I totally think switching there is worth the money.
  2. Interesting design concept, I'm also working on a new hot end, since clogging, energy waste and assembly/disassembly issues are bugging me. However I'll stick to the cartridge heater. I think one of the larger drawbacks of your proposal is the steel part which functions as heater and nozzle at the same time. I thought about an induction heated steel part that sits between your alu/PEEK pipe and a standard Ultimaker/Makergear brass nozzle. So you would just have to replace the brass nozzle when changing extrusion diameters, instead of the whole steel nozzle, which is probably more complex and
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