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  1. I have to redo the thermocouple board plug. where can I get the white female plug?
  2. I got it to work. just cut the tab off of the one end of the plug. so you can plug it in 180 off. you want the red strip of the wires by the switch side.
  3. Hmm, it works for me...
  4. I would like to test the new software as well.
  5. Hi, on my thing-o-matic we set the z-axis by putting a card or paper under the nozle.. turn the ballscrew till the card is tight then hit ok. and this sets the z-axis start height.... now this is with rep_g but can we have something like this for Cura? be nice.
  6. what is this red part on screen
  7. i was going to replace my rods and bearings as they look bent... where car i get then here in the usa...
  8. on my Thing-o-matic i run a scrip to calibrate the center and the z height... could we do this on a Ult? is would be so ez to just z down get the height you want and save it...
  9. has anyone tried to use the makerbot thing o matic hotend on the ultimaker? i have never had a problem with my mk6.
  10. when i check the temperature of the head it does not match my temperature gage.... if i set a temp of 200 and i check it i just get 170... is thier a adjustment?
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