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  1. Hello, anyone here can be so kind to give a few details about some pieces of the ultimaker? i was interested in finding out the specifics of 4 parts: -the threaded bar for the z axis it's a simple m8? if so.... m8x1 or 1.25?...or it is a ball screw? -what about the thermocouple and thermocouple board and heather? i tried looking around quite a bit but i failed to find any details thanks for taking the time to read this... and i must apologise for my terrible english
  2. thanks for the fast answer, i' ll try to understand how that program works then before starting to build the printer
  3. hello, i' m totally new to 3d printer and to be honest i have never had the chance to see one beside videos.....i have been looking at this amazing project for quite a wile now and i finally decided to build one, and i was hoping to find someone kind enough to give me a few advice. building the machine itself didn't really worry me since i design and build machinery for plastic film (mostly extruder for stretch film, rewinder, punching unit, slitter etc) and i know quite a lot of people who will have no problem on letting me use some cnc machineries to make the parts, and im used now to 3d modeling (even if i still sometime start to scream in frustration and want to go back to a drafting machine) but i' m quite puzzled with the actual settings of the machine, i tried to look around but i wasn't able to some sort of manual to learn how to use the software for the settings of the machine to learn it before building the printer (i don't want to build it and then waste months to try to find how it works). is there any way to figure out how the different settings works besides doing tests with the machine? thanks for reading this and i must apologies for my terrible english
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