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  1. I have the same issues. It's a real show stopper. I'm currently try to print a ballon car: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16987 And It seems, it is to large to print without extrusion problems. It's such a pain!
  2. Hi, I recently had problems with my filament extrusion which were caused by a miss-placed filament tube end. After cutting it twice to get an exact ending, I think about where to get a replacement tube? Is Ultimaker shipping such tubes? How much is it?
  3. Hi Ulti's... I'm currently on vacation in Denmark, Marielyst. And because "Ulitmaking" is an addiction, I have my Ultimaker with me . We are here with two other families with many children. Today I printed some Star Wars stuff from thingiverse for the kids until - ten minutes ago - I sadly killed my cooling fan with a screw driver while I was calibrating the printing platform . No problem... I may easily replace it. But I don't know where to buy a fan here in Denmark! Are there Danish people here, who know where I can go to buy one? May be in Copenhagen? Is there a good electronic shop near
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