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  1. Is there anyone that could give some solid feedback on the Ultimaker from a personal experiece? I'm interested to know the pro's and con's, and if there are any obvious improvements to be aware of. If you want to join the conversation that's starting, do so here http://www.3dprintingpad.com/3dprinter/ultimaker Cheers, Steve
  2. Thanks for the feedback so far! I'm by no means an expert on the Ultimaker, all the data I took was from the wiki reprap spec page http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Ultimaker_specs_and_features . I'm thankful that you are bringing these variations to my attention. I guess it's hard to place an exact number on some of the specs since you can adjust it yourself so I'm going to just post the "average" specs. In saying this I've changed the build time to 8 hours, the printing speed to 150mm/s^3 (a more common speed), and added the SD card capibility. I also changed the image to the most recent version of the Ultimaker (I hope). I would love some more feedback (critical or praise) on what I can do to improve the 3D Printing Pad to better showcase the Ultimaker. Cheers! Steve
  3. Hello everyone at the Ultimaker forums! I wanted to reach out to those of you with first hand experience printing with the Ultimaker. I understand it is the fastest home printer out there, but I was wondering about the quality of the prints it makes. I'm sure a lot of other people would like to have some personal feedback from you, and in turn help promote the Ultimaker. There is a website that compares the Ultimaker against all the other "Household 3D Printers" in every technical aspect. All it needs now is reviews and feedback from people who have actually used it. If you want to help the Ultimaker grow, as well as give critical feedback for suggestions do so here: http://www.3dprintingpad.com/3dprinter/ultimaker I'm looking forward to some feedback on the pros and cons of the Ultimaker! Cheers! Steve
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