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  1. Question here for the more seasoned veterans. I'v been using my machine a lot and have recently done some comparisons of the older 5D firmware and Marlin. Iv noticed something interesting that I'm sure most of you already know. Recently I printed the octopus from thingverse with both sets of firmware, and I have to say there is quite a big difference between the prints. If you look at the octopus model in any STL viewer you can see the faceting cause the model is not extremely high resolution. This is especially evident around the legs. When I print this model on 5D original firmware it come
  2. I'm really curious to know what most of you guys print at in terms of temp. I have been playing with this a lot lately and my results vary a great deal. I'm reading people printing as low as 215 but I have only had one type of PLA where that temperature actually worked. Right now I have been printing primarily with Clear and Green, and In general the clear has been working at 240 and the green at 250. I was able to run the green at 240 a few times however there were a few occasions where it cause the print to fail. I have been doing all my prints at 100mm/sec for the most part and I know th
  3. You mention SF47+ in this build however I'm not seeing it I only see 40 and 35 and slicer. This was probably the most valuable feature for me, I'm one of those people that once I get a good workflow having to take the time to relearn something else can take up more time then I can afford. I'm also a bit disappointed in the color scheme. I find it really uncomfortable to look at for an extended period of time. I like what was done with the icons however the teal-white scheme is just really uncomfortable for me.
  4. Still no go for me on this one. I can't seem to find anything about M110 other than its supposed to set the build chamber temp. Why this would prevent the machine from connecting is beyond me =\
  5. Any recommendation on how to fix that? Sorry im still learning the ropes with some of this stuff.
  6. Still no joy =( However that does seem to be the correct Baud because instead of trying to connect over and over it only tries two times. On the first attempt it recognizes Marlin 1.0.0 RC2 and then reports a bunch of steps per mm values and a few other things. However the final results sais Ultimaker cant read gcode, which then causes it to not connect.
  7. I noticed that MBI has released several new versions lately and the other night I tried grabbing one of there versions 34 to be specific. However I can't get it to connect to my Ultimaker, is there something special that has to be done to it in order to get that combination to work? The main reason Id like to use it is because it has SF47 built in and I would no longer have to generate gcode outside of RepG and then bring it back in. Does the Ultimaker team have any plans on releasing an update? I noticed some mention of it back in February however nothing since then, they had a release date
  8. I gave that site a try but have had no sucess with any of the generated firmwares =/ I'm currently using RepG26 and I set the baud rates to what you recommended but no joy. The only two versions I can get working are either Build 2 or Build 3 by BK. Any ideas why this would be?
  9. Not sure what ya mean by this one. Right now I am using the Build 2 from RepG with this M92 E865.888 X78.7402 Y78.7402 in my start.gcode and everything seems to be fine with gcode generated with SF47. The only bug I have been having is I can't seem to use m109 or M6 in order to have the toolhead wait to heat up and then start printing. The M109 command works however afterwards the extruder spins a crazy amount. I have also tried altering the firmware so that it recognizes the M6 command but it does the same thing. I will give cura a look over when I get some time it looks interesting.
  10. Thanks for the info Daid! As far as the other settings would you recommend leaving everything else stock?
  11. Hey Folks new to Ultimaker but not 3d printers and I'm hoping someone could steer me in the right direction here. I'm trying to find out what the latest build is I see both Build 2 and Build 3 in RepG's firmware upload. However these both seem to be made by different people. So I'm wondering what people have loaded on there machines, and what do the folks at Ultimaker recommend? Also I had one more question regarding the Build 3. It seems the home speed for the X and Y axis is absurdly high when compared to the Build 2. Is there any way to bring this down without altering firmware? It woul
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