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  1. Google for 'shoreydesigns' , I guess your info comes from this guy, super busy with printing on fabric.
  2. peggyb

    Support structuren

    ik heb geen Ender, maar kijk waar de rubber transport bandjes de bocht om gaan. In elke richting zitten ze: X is links-rechts, Y is voor-achter (dus het bed) Z is hoog-laag. Dus als je verschuiving voor-achter is dan kijk je aan de uiteinden van de rubber band (timing belt), daar zit aan beide kanten een pulley, met kleine inbus boutjes aan de motor-as of frame vast. Is er ook een forum voor Creality? Misschien is daar betere info te vinden. Oh ja, en als je de snelheid verhoogd, zou je ook de temperatuur iets kunnen verhogen, zeker voor 0.2 laagdikte. Je gaat nl. sneller veel plastic verplaatsen dat op tijd verwarmd moet worden.
  3. peggyb

    Support structuren

    dit is hoogst waarschijnlijk een mechanisch iets, geen software ding. Is het altijd in dezelfde richting? Controleer of alles goed vast zit en speciaal of de pullies goed vast zitten, dat zijn die ronde tand ringen tussen de stangen en de riemen (wat voor printer heb je?)
  4. make a little test with different layer heights yourself. All models are different and you choose what is best for your model. In general, layers under 0.06. are not getting better and take a lot longer to print, but in your case it might be different..??
  5. peggyb

    Print is unacurate in the first layer

    another way to check the z calibration on the fly is: when printing the first layer, if you see irregularities, gently push underneath the bed, a little upwards. If the flow gets better, adjust the screws underneath the bed, looking top down, clockwise is bed higher. Pushing too hard will result in very thin extrusion, there is a sweet spot between too thin, too thick. Just push the bed a bit while doing the first layer and look what happens, and adjust the screws accordingly. It also depends on what kind of model you print; a small surface might need to be closer then a big surface, the calibration card is a general indication.
  6. Look under: z seam alignment -> random It also depends on your model, if there is a sharp corner somewhere, I prefer a 'user specified' location, so the z seam is always in that position.
  7. peggyb

    File name of the selected object?

    The objects name, that is possible when using build plates in Cura 3.6 (or lower, not in beta 4) You can activate this in the preferences.
  8. peggyb

    Flex (Makerfill)

    brim gebruiken fan omlaag
  9. peggyb

    ultimaker cura 14.07 won't download

    Does 15.04.6 not work for you? That is, to my knowledge the best and last version available.
  10. peggyb

    Typisch AnfÀnger

    ah, that makes sense, would be great to load the instructions and print the result....😁
  11. peggyb

    Typisch AnfÀnger

    no, the picture he shows is a converted jpg, not an stl, mostly used for lithophanes. Load in a jpg, define the height, and print. Hold it against a strong light and be amazed... But the default settings are awkward. I can read and speak German, but writing is difficult, sorry.
  12. peggyb

    Typisch AnfÀnger

    Your info is right: the height (10) plus the basis (1) is total 11. Do you want to make a lithophane from a picture? I don't understand the default settings for this, because they don't work.. For a good lithophane I would advise: a white background works best, set the base to 0.3 and the height to 1.2. Darker is higher. In the settings make the first layer 0.2 and the layer height 0.1. This way the thinnest parts (white) will be 2 layers, 0.2 and 0.1)
  13. peggyb

    3D Benchy Print Issues

    with the coordinates you should look for the spot that the z seam will happen in the (back) corner.
  14. peggyb

    3D Benchy Print Issues

    if you want to force the z seam alignment to another place, set it to 'user specified' and look for the best location, like X 0, Y 0.
  15. Had the same issue with a UMO+, suspected the cables, changing the with another pair did work better. Another thing I noticed, removing the SD card, then restart the printer also worked. The issue does not go away, but something works... Did the update with 15.04.6 as well as 3.4.1.

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