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  1. in the preferences there is the option 'ensure models are kept apart'. See if this enabled.
  2. Improve bottom surface printing on glass

    I bought a couple of these https://www.makerpoint.nl/nl/ultimaker-hot-end-isolator-coupler-umo.html or like these https://www.trideus.be/nl/hot-end-isolator-coupler-1055.html always good to have spare as they can go bad.. but I guess your reseller close to you must has a similar option
  3. cura 2.1.2 no image when open stl file

    https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/51943-installation-ultimaker-cura the requirements are 64 bit.....
  4. Improve bottom surface printing on glass

    My first suspicion would be the teflon part like Geert said, because printing at 140% is not normal. Did you ever look at it? If it is dark and burned the shape could be deformed and become an obstruction for the filament. For the first layer you could also print a bit hotter and then dial it back to your preferred temperature.
  5. Printing on fabric

    you could do this with the post processing script' pause at height'. Look for Extensions (top bar) - Post processing - Modify Gcode - pause at height. Unfortunately the pause movement to the desired corner location, by default 190--190 is not immediately visible in the layervieuw. Load the created code to see the result.
  6. Vragen over Cura 3.2.1

    een goed startpunt is https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/manuals/software waar alle manuals, tips and tricks en video's staan. welke printer gebruik je? voor de Ultimaker 2 staan de materiaal settings, de retraction en de flow rate in de printer zelf. Als je ze in Cura wil veranderen moet je overschakelen van Ultimaker 2 naar Reprap.
  7. Do like it the support mesh lot and very useful. What I don't understand is: in the 'select settings' are the settings available for this function, but since the latest changes you cannot change the support density and the pattern in the support mesh any more. It inherits the settings on the right under support, but most of the time is this disabled because the mesh support is used instead. The only way to change this is to enable support (is not wanted), change the settings and disable support. Do I miss something? Also in the 'select settings' is 'generate support'...... That is what the support mesh does.... Don't see something changing toggling it on/off.
  8. Layer View + Line Type

    did you move the layer slider to look at the layers from top to bottom? I noticed that sometimes after a change is made in the settings the model is grey until you move the layer slider. Is this what you mean?
  9. PVA support tower breaks

    I would ad a cube/rectangle to the build plate and scale it so it supports all the spheres and use the 'per model settings' to give it the support settings you want. This way the support is one piece instead of multiple towers.
  10. Change Z Offset / Print in the air

    place a cube or something on the build plate somewhere and scale it very small, too small to print, like 0,1 x 0,1 mm.
  11. Cura overhang support questions

    what also works very well is to have the support with a sparse infill, with a support interface and then, like gr5 said, pause the printer at the top of the support interface. Use blue tape on top of the support interface, the next layer will adhere better then with oil I guess. The separation is easy..
  12. waar je ook even naar kunt kijken of het kleine zwarte wieltje in de feeder normaal draait. Deze kan nog wel eens beschadigd zijn (niet rond) of klem zitten. Een andere mogelijkheid is je witte coupler in de printkop controleren, als deze wat ouder is kan deze aan vervanging toe zijn.
  13. Fuhre ein -z Wert ein so das dein Model im Bed versinkt. Leider nur in mm, nicht Layer zahl, mit umrechnen vergesse die erste schicht wert nicht. (Put in a -z value in the move section so the model sinks into the bed. Only in mm, not in layer amount, don't forget the first layer thickness if you recalculate for the layer amount )
  14. Vase Mode Issue

    the top picture is 3.1, the bottom picture 3.2, showing the differences between the 'per model settings' The per model settings override the settings on the right, so your WaterCan settings are set in the main window, could be that you need some support higher up as well. I am really curious what the 3.2 result is with the adaptive layer heights, it chooses the best layer height compared to the angle of the model, and saves a lot of time. Don't know why the support doesn't show in your Cura, but you might want to try out the beta..
  15. it is called 'draft shield' for a single extruder

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