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  1. try the Volcano PLA from Formfutura: https://www.formfutura.com/shop/product/volcano-pla-white-981?category=193
  2. the easiest solution is to print the rest and glue it together. If you manage to edit the gcode and resume the print, there will probably be a visual difference, as in a pause and resume. Try to find the spot where it failed in Cura and lower the model -z in the bed.
  3. did you rotate the model, something goes wrong (bug) if the model is rotated and scaled.
  4. when I load the file in it shows up fine. Things to look at are: does the model fit on your build plate? even if it looks so, watch out for skirt/brim settings that extend the size. is the model too thin? play with the line width
  5. did you select a model? with nothing selected the icons are grey.
  6. play with the initial layer thickness until the letters show in the first layer. There is also another little trick: print the first layer thin with the letters, pause the print, change the colour and resume the print. In your case I would start with one thin layer with the letters and stop the print, change the colour, change the first layer thickness to a solid first layer and print over the first layer. Info from an old topic:
  7. set the 'initial layer height' to 0.3, then the next layer will be solid.
  8. Mesmixer is my favorite way to go. It is free and there are enough tutorials available to learn its basics.
  9. did you try the little wheel icon next to the 'Experimental' tab to show all the settings visibility? Or under Preferences -> settings to check all the needed boxes? Or simply type 'fuzzy' in the search settings (fastest option)
  10. what is the function of the three posts in the print?
  11. when you use ->preferences-> multiple build plates, a little window down left appears, where the numbers are visible and clickable. It seams to be a bit of a forgotten, unfinished, but handy feature.... you can click an item in the list and the model lights up, but if you click a model it is not highlighted in the list.. And you cannot drag the window, it is overlapping with the model text
  12. Just an idea: can you check if your fan at the bottom is running? I have seen something like this before, loosing steps in the first few layers, a wire of the fan broke off.
  13. is it intended that the topic name disappeared from each post (light grey, behind the date)? this was very useful with long topics...
  14. important is to scale the shape, whatever shape you want, to the same height as the initial layer. I have a folder with some basic shapes, cilinder, cube, and bring them in multiply and scale them to my liking.
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