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  1. this happens when the horizontal expansion from both sides is bigger then the wall thickness. When the wall is thicker this doesn't happen. What you could do is set the support horizontal expansion to zero.
  2. peggyb

    S5 Frame Light

    Lately I had an overnight print and the leds couldn't be dimmed, whatever setting was chosen. It did work before... After the print finished a Cura connect reset on the printer did help, but only after the print was done because it restarts the whole printer and you don't want to do this on a 28 hour print...
  3. I don't use ABS a lot, but from what I am seeing you can try: print slower print hotter no fan more infill
  4. yeah, was surprised too, the other shapes where great, only the green is ugly. The bulges are all around, concluding that this is because the filament size changes, more/less material, not noticeable connected to the shape (or it got hidden under the stripes) I could eliminate the problem here because all the other colours where good, and all used the same settings, so it had to be the filament...
  5. Did some printing last weekend, same settings, different colors, different brands (on an S5) and the green was 'different'... Turns out the diameter of the green was all over the place resulting in these ugly stripes. Maybe not exactly your problem, but illustrating that filament size can be of influence as well
  6. I guess you could also hang a spare spool or an empty spool on the printer for reading the chip....
  7. peggyb

    Welke soorten filament?

    nee, helaas niet, had er ooit een nodig voor een reparatie. Maar je zou zelf een heated bed upgrade kunnen samenstellen uit losse onderdelen.
  8. peggyb

    Polyalchemy Elixir tests

    looks like https://www.jwb3dprinting.nl/ only has 1.75 filament....
  9. peggyb

    Welke soorten filament?

    bedoel je dit printplaatje? https://www.makerpoint.nl/nl/ultimaker-heated-bed-pcb.html
  10. to check if this has something to do with the z seam, set the 'z seam alignment' to 'user specified' and the x and y position to, for instance, 0,0. Then all the z changes are in the same location instead of all over the place.
  11. peggyb

    Welke soorten filament?

    er zijn genoeg leuke filamenten te printen, zoals PET (van Refil gaan heel goed) en de filamenten gevuld met metaalpoeder (koper, brons, messing) of hout, kurk en zo. Hiervoor kun je beter een grotere nozzle gebruiken die heel makkelijk te wisselen is, anders verstopt de boel vrij snel met de standaard 0.4. Colorfabb verkoopt ook sample packs als je dingen wilt proberen. Flexibele filamenten vergen wat meer handigheid, die zou ik even laten liggen.
  12. On their website are some files to play with, all under the download tab, like a head, chest, feet, fox head. Read the manual for all the settings, very cool is the 'contrast' in the 3d view, lets you see through all the tissues
  13. peggyb

    [solved] cannot set z value > 0

    in the preferences you can disable 'automatically drop model on the buildplate'
  14. do you have 'ironing' activated (under 'shell')?
  15. peggyb

    Druck startet nicht

    Hasst du die letzte Cura version? Mit ein ältere Version gab es Probleme mit speichern wenn es kein Name unten im Fenster hat. Check if there is a name in the bottom name field, when this is empty during saving nothing happens.

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