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  1. Hasst du die letzte Cura version? Mit ein ältere Version gab es Probleme mit speichern wenn es kein Name unten im Fenster hat.


    Check if there is a name in the bottom name field, when this is empty during saving nothing happens.

  2. Hi Marc,

    MoldLay is prima te gebruiken met een 3d printer en waarschijnlijk ook met een 3d pen, en zoals Sander al zegt, is ook regulier PLA te gebruiken als 'lost wax' model. (PLA is het meest gebruikte filament voor 3d printers).

    Voor gietmodellen zal een 3d pen minder geschikt zijn omdat de resultaten rommelig zijn en bestaan uit een dunne (0.4) geëxtrudeerde draadjes waardoor het een moeilijk gipsmodel zal worden en dus ook het giet resultaat.

    Voor het boetseren zou je een basis model kunnen printen en het een warm hulpmiddel (soldeerbout, vlam) nabewerken, vergt wel enige oefening.

    Een 3d printer met filament zal altijd laagjes laten zien en kleine details komen niet goed uit.



    Er zijn ook software paketten (Meshmixer, sculptris, zbrush) die kunnen 'kleien'

    2017-03-24 15.08.51.jpg

    2017-06-14 13.09.07.jpg

    2015-12-13 12.44.49.jpg

    2015-12-13 12.45.38.jpg

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  3. you can lift the model a bit by disabling 'automatically drop model on the build plate'

    and in the move command put in a positive number in the z box

    Note: the surface around the red overhang area will not be good, as the support has a little distance to the model and will drop down and leave strings.

    You could do some tests with a sphere or your original model to see what the best method is, and stop the print after the bottom slope to reduce time/filament. Play with the x y z distance to get the best support, but not fused to the model.


    Or turn your model 180 degrees...

  4. you could try to upload it to Shapeways, you will get a yellow triangle where it says 'view issues'

    Click on it and it will take you to a 3d tools window. Click on the Wall Thickness, probably yellow, and it will show you the problems in the right window. Turn off 'heat map' and it will give you the button 'fix thin walls'

    The result can be saved and downloaded.

    Hope it works for you...

  5. Would advise to use the PVA for overhangs more than 45 degrees though, your prints don't look huge, so the amount of PVA will be that much.. and the print will be much better.

    For normal support the distance between the model and the support is bigger than the support for PVA, as the PLA/PLA wil fuse together without a gap.

    You can play with the z distance of the support, preferably one layer height, so one layer nothing in between.

  6. Support Wall Count does not exist, only in the tree support, but that is probably not what you are looking for.

    Don't think that it will make it into the support settings because the it normally works with one wall... if not, the problem lies elsewhere...

    and if the layers don't connect now, they probably will not connect with multiple walls as well...

    I hope that drying the filament or try some fresh solves your problem.

  7. and maybe a test to eliminate some things.

    You have 2 AA 0.4 cores, right? When you do a single material print, do you have the problem with both cores?

    Test with a simple model and recommend profiles. If both prints come out bad, the problem lies elsewhere, like settings or other hardware down the line. If one print comes out bad, then that core is the problem.

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  8. did you make changes to the recommended profile?

    because it looks like you changed the horizontal expansion  for the support. The support is meant to start outside your model for better adhesion while building up.

    And could this model be printed 90 degrees rotated, on its flat side, looking at the front of this picture? Don't know what the complete stl looks like, looks like a nut...

  9. Did not dare to use it with the UM3 but used the UM2+ today and it also messed up.

    Paused at layer nr., checked the code view to see if it happened at the right moment. 

    At the moment of the pause the printhead went 2-3 mm in the model (not good!) and went to the 190,190 corner over the other walls.

    After resuming the printhead went to the 0,0 corner (also not good!! and not also visible in the preview) and then resumed printing about 5 mm shifted to the back, so not in the right position.

    Second attempt, changed the park position to 0,0. Again a dive of 2-3 mm in the model and again the shift.....

  10. A: What is the filament brand: Refil

    B: What is the type of filament: PET

    C: What is the diameter of the filament: 2.85

    D: What is the weight of a full spool: 929 gram

    E: What is the inner diameter of the core? 55 mm

    F: What is the outer diameter of the core? 112 mm

    G: What is the outer diameter of the whole spool? 200 mm

    H: What is the weight of an empty spool? 163 gram (cardboard)

    I: Width of full spool (only when it is completely full because it can expand) 49 mm

    J: Width of an empty spool (only when almost or completely empty) 45-49 mm because the cardboard bends a little

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