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  1. Yes, I think so too. Consider this solved. Many thanks. (If I decide to dive deeper into this just for the sake of the mystery then I'll report my results here.)
  2. OK, using Cura 3.2.0-BETA (linux) to install UMO (non +) firmware I get on my UltiController: >Firmware version >Ultimaker::_2.6.2 >115200_single >Jul 4 2017 16:31:55 So UMO firmware that comes with Cura 3.2.0-BETA is from 2017-07-04 and was not changed after Cura 2.6.2
  3. Thanks for replying so quickly. Yes I already knew that the old Cura version numbers (till 15.04.6 ) referred to the date. The new versions (since Version: 2.1.2) do not anymore. > As for figuring out what comes with cura 3.1 (or cura 3.0.2 beta or whatever). I'd just install it. Yes, was just about to answer that I'll try that. I'll update to the new default UMO firmware and check via the UltiController (yes I have one) if the firmware tells the date instead of the new Cura version format 3.0.2-BETA gah I meant 3.2.0-BETA the whole time (or whatever) > In fa
  4. Hi, I'm looking for the source-code of the exact firmware version for Ultimaker Original (non +) that the newest version of Cura (3.2.0-BETA) would install as hex-file from who knows where. But I just can't find where this comes from. Even by digging in Curas source-code. As far as I understand the newest firmware should be some branch here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Marlin/ But how do I check that some branch here is actually the source-code of this specific newest firmware version that Cura 3.2.0-BETA would upload? I want to make absolutely sure that I don't
  5. I like the lower placed driver gear and the avoidance of steel springs. And I too think that those Herringbones are a must. (why are there no sine wave gears yet?) The shape is a bit "blocky" with a lot of sharp edges though. Did the lower drivegear result in a shorter build depth or did you use the extra space for a bigger driven gear? Also what is that coppertubethingie at the (v2?) hobbed bolt? About your question which turning direction is the correct one -- it's seemingly the compressive one so in your pics it's in the wrong way. But it doesn't matter all that much. SOURCE: http
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