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  1. I decided to try with : http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/ultimaker-original-umo-e3d-v6-hot-end-mount/257775521.html But, Amedee yes my UMO is from first batch. I dont have that teflon coupler. hm .... mine is from Aluminium. I will try to find a new one from Teflon , thanks man for help !
  2. I saw this upgrade, but the costs are 500 EUR + Is there any other kit maybe ?
  3. Hey ! is there any completly new design with all necessary parts for construct the new hot end for Ultimaker Original , (first version of UM )? Original hot end keeps cloging and i dont want every time disassemble it. Bed thing is that i cant print any more, so I need complete kit for assemble. I am using 3mm filament and it is 90% PLA in it. Please can someone help me to decide what kit to buy ? I see E3Dv6 have some problems printing PLA . I found only these : http://www.dhgate.com/store/product/ultimaker-original-umo-e3d-v6-hot-end-mount/257775521.html http://www.ebay.com/itm/Extr
  4. This did not helped me. I solve with disconnecting temp all temp sensors :S
  5. I am having this problem too. Yesterday i downloaded new CURA and run "first run wizzard " from CURA and flash MARLIN firmware. After that I cant connect to printer, neither flash again firmware. It stays at "Please connect the printer to your computer....." and nothing happens. I tried to compile and flash with ARDUINO, again no answer from Ultimaker.... Tried all USB ports, and nothing happens. But I see after that, when I power ON Ultimaker, all three motor are locked(i cant move extruder and hotend.) Please can someone help me? Is there any hard reset on UM or something like that ?
  6. i found some interesting topics about making PCB and marker pen : http://reprap.org/wiki/Plotting http://capolight.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/converting_images_to_gcode/ http://additive-edge.blogspot.se/ https://ultimachine.com/content/printing-circuit-boards-mendel
  7. Where did u find 13.05 AM i blind or ?
  8. Is it possible to draw some picture on paper with ultimaker ? simply to put marker or pencil beside hotend ... I am guessing, It needs to be 1 layer STL with picture or somehow ? Or is there any software to export jpg picture to 1 layer STL ? or similar ?
  9. I sterted printing with ABS, and I am getting this things . that thicker area is when it prints full solid layers without fill
  10. OK, did I do something bad to this SSR ? wiring was OK =?
  11. yes indeed there are some minor bugs about setting temp.. setting manually temps solve the problem .
  12. When i am printing in CURA with heated bed engaged, it turn it off after cca 2 mins .. Bug or i am missing some option in CURA ?
  13. I know for heatsink, but it is designed for 25 A, i tought that this 8-9 A will be nothing fot it. It is connected now with mechanical relay.... But i have another Q - in Marlin, is there any code that for controling when it start heating and stop heating . If set let say temp= 100 oC why not heat to 102, then turn off relay- till it reach 98 oC and then again turn on relay. Insted of - when reach 100,xy it shout down relay, and on 99,9 it turn on again ... many clicks for controlling temp it is not neccesery to be exact 100oC...
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