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  1. This was a pretty challenging print. Lots of overhang and very little structural support. She was moving around quite a bit as the Z height increased so I had to slow the print WAY down and use a second fan to cool the layers. Sliced at 0.08mm layer height using Cura 13.06 beta.Total print time was 3:45 and max Z height of 101mm
  2. Thanks! no, I printed with PLA. -Matt
  3. Yet another yoda.. This one was sliced in cura at 0.05mm layer height no infill, 1.2mm wall thickness. I printed at full size this time (print sitting on CD to show scale)
  4. Tried my first 0.1mm layer prints. The frog had a problem with the two front legs coming unstuck from the bed. I finally printed with a raft but that only partially solved the issue (raft came unstuck) The legs flopped around a bit until they finally attached to the body so they look pretty rough. The body came out very well though. The holes in Yoda's ears are a problem with the toolpath calculation in cura. I scaled the model down 50% to speed up print time and I think that resulted in some areas that were thinner than 0.4mm. When I look at the toolpath there are no perimeter lines in the ar
  5. Looks like a manual crank for the Z axis. That used to be a common trick with the old repraps (before the switch to two Z axis steppers) When the outline of the part is being printed you manually crank on the z if it's not adhering properly. At least that's what I've seen some of the guys at the hackerspace doing -Matt
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