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    From MS 3D Builder, with the name of my grandson as a gift
  2. Its still not clear, how I should start. Lots of stange things happen, but no good prints.(in cura everthing works fine) Why is there no clear startup manuel, a guide, something more then a few silent movies on you tube? Strange company, have you seen the prices of netfabb studio?? to my opinion, Netfab should provide us a startup guide and a manuel. something worth for our money, because now it is lost money.......
  3. http://people.zeelandnet.nl/hetnoudnet/pagina7.html Mijn eerste ultimaker models
  4. http://people.zeelandnet.nl/hetnoudnet/pagina7.html Mijn Ultimaker....en zijn eerste stapjes
  5. Yep cura works no problems there ....... Its nice to make a few good prints, nice quality, looking good. But now I still like to find out why replicator and netfabb is partly not.... I will not give up jet.
  6. I just got it to work again...... If a start a build I had the first 200 sec no control over what is happening.... but after about 200 sec I had some control ..... I could put the fan off and on and could speed up... but still no control over de extruder feed speed...... Maybe I shout try cura......
  7. No-no the motor is fine, I printed already 1 time a 20 mm cube. No problems there. and in ReplicatorG version: 0026 I had some control over the extruder fast and slow , but not over de program... No I think',..... It must be software relayted... All the hardware worked at leased ones... how do I know if python works ? what does it do...? and I am use-ing slic3r 0.7.1 or is skeinforge 40 better?
  8. Hello anybody, I need help ......please I bild my Ultimaker two week ago but i still can't get it to print. I tried many software settings on 3 diferent computer en stil don't have full control. All axes work fine, extruder get hot and cold, fan goes on and of but I can't get control over mij feeder..... also the functions on real time menu/window don''t work.... yesterday after hours of trying a printed a 20mm cube.... Today.....nothing I have win7 32 bit ReplicatorG version: 0034 Java version: 1.6.0_16 Python 2.7.2 Machine Profile Name: Ultimaker Sprinter/Marlin Driver Type: RepRap5D and Slic3r 0.7.1 Name: Ultimaker Sprinter/Marlin Motherboard firmware version: Marlin v1.0 The lights turn Green in RepG34 wen i click "turn on" and the temp reading is there. The control panel acts as expected and i can change temperature. But i can't start the extrudermotor from the control panel even when target temps are reached. when i start to build 20mm calibration box all axes go to end piont and waits for 30 sec then goes to center and follows de program pad but no extrusion...... and no control over the functions on real time menu/window what is wrong ? what do I miss? please help also had problems with RepG26 and netfabb studio, no real controle....
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