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  1. Thanks Daid. Will give a it with different retraction settings and slicers, like Cura.
  2. Hi, Help the newbie please. I'm struggling with trying to find the optimal settings for a Slic3r (latest 0.8.2 version) profile. I'm using this pyramid object to help me with the calibration (see attach). Yes, I've tried the E steps procedure too. No matter the settings I have, my objects always end up with this strings of plastic connecting distance spots, extruded incorrectly when the head travels. First I though the temperature was too high (I'm using PLA) so I decreased it progressively from 200 to 175. Nothing. Then I tried to increase the retraction length setting. No major improve
  3. Hi, I've done a time-lapse video of the whole assembly process, including the first 3D print. Thought you'd like to watch it, I think it's pretty neat http://arrifana.org/blog/2012/05/ultima ... timelapse/
  4. I'd love to print the tensioner, if I had a 3D printer Anyway, maybe I can put enough tension on it so that it works, and then I can print the thingiverse tensioner.
  5. I'm now in step 4. Two things are bugging me with step 3 though and I'd appreciate some comments from the community or the UM team before I proceed. 1. One of the timing belts is too loose. The long one on the back axis. I know I'm supposed to adjust its tension later, but I don't think the sliding block can tighten it that much. This worries me. 2. I was playing with the axis and the belts at the end and it seems that the front axis has much more friction resistance than the other 3 axis, which results on having to use much more strenght to move in Y direction than in the X direction. I c
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