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  1. Thanks Daid, This is also a good starting point.
  2. Yup, that's true I Robert I. But there are also people out there where one day the friend probably came and asked: "I need some printed parts for my -whatever assembly- that I am going to sell. Can you print them for me and what would they cost?" I am not sure that all of the majority is only printing a few hero figures for the kids at home and a vase for the best friend's birthday - the 3D print is very addictive for people also outside the friends and family circle. There is even a "Print for me" section in this forum. So, there is a market out there.
  3. Hi spooner777, I also use Cura so the material cost estimation is not the problem. And as you say, only material costs are veeeeery low, so I think the material estimation after slicing is precise enough. Even if later the filling has to be denser or similar, the material costs do not impact the overall price in a large amount. On the other hand, if we charge something to somebody then we cannot charge him/her our problems (extruder jamming, failed starts, loosing time because of low print speeds at badly tuned printers etc.). So I guess it is only the material cost and the printer payoff. T
  4. Hi, I have been searching around and could not find any answer to this question. I only can find prices at large 3D print services, but non of them prints PLA or ABS on a DIY printer. Since in this forum we are all using the same printer, I guess a kind of "average" charge for the printouts has built up. Or maybe not? What is your calculation base - weighing after printing, software filament estimation, bounding box of the printed object? Do you charge only the material costs or add some other costs (time, machine payoff, whatever)? Maybe this questions are kind of strange, but I just do
  5. Hi frm1001xplrr, Sorry for the late reply, I was enjoying many days off. Back to your question - as far as I can remember I have done nothing specially. Just re-run the same G-code and it worked. Don't ask why and how...
  6. Solved it. Thanks for reading the post...
  7. Hi, I am printing a plate with multiple objects (6 pieces). I have organized them in the Project Planner avoiding any interference between part-part and part-extruder and sliced them. After finishing the first part, the print head moved to the position of the next part and stopped above the print bed. The "Term" tab in the Cura printing screen says: echo: External Reset Marlin 1.0.0 RC2 echo: Last Updated: Marlin-Mon, 11 Jun 2012 17:33:42 +0200 - b67dacdc8f1bd489e058e16d92ba29c364b2a8e5 | Author: Build-Me-Marlin echo: Free Memory: 4477 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232 echo:Using Default sett
  8. Thanks Daid for the tips, I just wanted to test the "simple" mode with this example. The next dino will go through the expert mode with more playing around, with definitely less support material. In my case it was just too much of it. Talking about support material - is there any way to solve situations within Cura where support material should start somewhere above level 0 (like this example)? If not possible, is it somewhere on the wish-list?
  9. Thanks flouSH! No, it is a model exported from DAZ Studio, edited in Rhinoceros and cleaned with netfabb Studio. Online (free) dinosaurs are hard to find and are mostly over-simplified or with bad meshes. I had to make the foot wider because the first layer had a too small area and could not stick well to the print bed (and, of course detached from the print bed and moved away after half an hour printing time).
  10. Here is a Triceratops made for my kids using the simple mode high quality print in Cura (thanks Daid for the amazing piece of software). Lots of support structure which was hard to remove so the head is a bit clumsy. Temperature 215° (heavy stringing), silver PLA from GRRF. The print took 2h and 45 min.
  11. I had the same problem with x-axis not stopping after reaching the limit switch. Switching the cables for +x and -x at the board did the job. Thanks for the hint!
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