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  1. Hello again Thank you both. Yes I think PLA will be good for me. The model is never intended to get vet, and I’m going to use it(the printer) indoors, so to the keep the fumes down is important for me as well. I was not thinking of making one solid block out of it, but only print the wall and roof with a hollow body, will this take forever too, and can it be done? How can I get hold of Ian? Temo
  2. Thank you! I don’t know really, what is small and what is big on this printer? A typical building would be 10 by 15 m, and scale down to 1: 100 this would be 10 by 15 cm (or 4 by 6 inch), wall thickness about 3 mm (or ): 1/8 inch). How would this come out in one piece with PLA or ABS, or would I have to print each wall laying face up and then glue it all together? What about the roof, would it be printable on the walls, flat or at any angle? Would I be better of with a printer with 2 print head’s, so one head can print support structure? What about a heated bed, as I understand the Ultimaker does not have one. I been reading that this may result in warping, when the plastic cool down to fast? I would really like to start with an entry level 3D-printer, to get the now-how. Yours Temo
  3. I want to be able to print architectural models in different scales, mostly small models, but some big in parts for later assembling. In the last month I’ve been compeering different (about 15) personal 3D printers and have narrowed it down to Ultimaker, Rapman 3.2, Glider, Glacier Steel and Felix. They are all below $2500 and come as kit or fully assembled. Some preconfigured and calibrated, some not. My main concern with all of them is that I will be spending more time tweaking, calibrating and trying to understand the software then actually printing. I have none experience with 3d-printing or converting CAD-models to stl-files. I’m not afraid to use notepad as an editor of text files. So what should I do, buy one under $2500(Ultimaker) and get the grip on 3D-printing, buy one $10-15K and get training and support or send all my prints to an online print company? Hope this wasn’t too much Yours Temo
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