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  1. I changed over to cura and all is good now
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me: I am running the default replicatorg ultimaker version (0035) and can get a nice print when I use the pre-generated gcode for a 20mm box. However if I try to generate my own gcode from the stl file it generates gcode that doesn't work (like it is for a different machine?) the bed doesn't set in the right position and it doesn't wait to heat up in the corner like it does with the pre-gen gcode. I have it set to use skienforge35, I also get an unknown M code error for a M113. Is there a list of settings or something that I need to setup for the Ultimaker?
  3. Hi, thanks for your replies. After much fiddling with board rates as suggested in the replicatorg section (not the issue). I got it working by running the 0026 version of replicatorg and then upgrading the firmware then using the latest 0035 version of replicatorg. As you said Ultimaker ships with 5D firmware. Now to try and print something. Cheers!
  4. Hi, I have finished assembling my ultimaker (batch 6). It appears as a serial device on both my linux and windows machine. However when I attempt to connect to it from ReplicatorG it gets to 'Supports RC' and then nothing happens (bar does not turn green.). I have selected the correct com port and 'sprinter/marlin'. I have also tried updating the firmware but when you click 'Upload' it just shows an error dialog. Does anyone have any suggestions of what might be the problem? Thanks, David
  5. # 100001886 ordered 23 Mar 2012 arrived 26 Apr 2012 in Australia. Really appreciated the email from the ultimaker team after 4 weeks to let me know they hadn't forgotten my order Unboxing pics for those interested: http://robotification.com/2012/04/26/ultimaker-3d-printer-unboxing-pictures/ I know what I'll be building this w/e.
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