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  1. Actually I think I am being misled and the problem is simply the bed is slightly too high for the first layer. This gives the impression of blobs but might be because the bed is blocking the nozzle too much. I will try adjusting.
  2. Hi, I have not changed anything but now I am not getting proper extrusion. The plastic coming out in blobs so that the printhead hits these on the second layer and throws it off alignment. Doing a manual extrusion it comes out alternately in a stream then sideways in a big blob. Not sure what has changed?
  3. I did find that link and this cured the problem. In fact Cura is excellent and IMHO Ultimaker should include it with every machine and pay a license fee, to include in the product price. The software installation via the Ultimaker software setup guide is a mess and does not work. In fact the problem I had with the "official" software is pretty much the same as an issue covered in another thread in this section, to which there is no definitive solution.
  4. Thanks for your advice. This software sounds like its very useful. I was reluctant to try owing to likelihood of introducing more possible problems into the mix. I did try though, and it did. Cant get it to generate Gcode at all. The log displays: Traceback (most recent call last): File "app_main.py", line 51, in run_toplevel File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_RC3\Cura\cura.py", line 70, in main() File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_RC3\Cura\cura.py", line 53, in main profile.loadGlobalProfileFromString(options.profile) File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_RC3\Cura\util\profile.py", line 192, in loadGlobalProfileFromString (key, value) = option.split('=', 1) ValueError: expected length 2, got 1 CMD window: File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_RC3\Cura\gui\preview3d.py", line 382, in OnM ouseMotion self.yaw += e.GetX() - self.oldX AttributeError: 'PreviewGLCanvas' object has no attribute 'oldX' C:\Users\warnea\Downloads\0.5mm-thin-wall.stl 0 Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_RC3\Cura\gui\simpleMode.py", line 273, in On Slice profile.loadGlobalProfileFromString(oldProfile) File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_RC3\Cura\util\profile.py", line 192, in load GlobalProfileFromString (key, value) = option.split('=', 1) ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack Unknown M code:103 Unknown M code:101 Unknown M code:103 Unknown M code:101 Unknown M code:103 Unknown M code:101
  5. If I had not seen video evidence I would not be convinced these really work. I am going to give myself this weekend to get this working or bin it. At first I had a problem with the controller board. This was replaced after a very slow support process. Fitted the new board. I have reinstalled all software, version 35. Followed the software setup instructions exactly, although there is uncertainty. In the Gcode section there is an edit which must be made for "the first batch of Ultimakers". There is no info on how to tell if you have one of the first batch. Maybe this is the problem. Anyway, nothing worked at all until I uploaded new firmware. I asked Ultimaker which version I should use at first but didnt receive any intelligble reply, si I selected Marlin RC2. No "release" firmware shows in the list, only RCx and "old" firmware. Why? Anyway, all control panel functions work. I can extrude from control panel. Downloaded the thin-wall test box. Gcode generates but gives two errors. Dont know if this is a problem. How can software generate errors which it then detects itself? The whole thing seems flaky. Start build. For some reason the Gcode is generated again. Find that the Z platform does not home before the build. Why not? Manually home the Z platform. Start build. The first thing that happens is the Z platform goes down and then extusion happens into thin air creating a blob of material on the platform. Then the platform homes again and the head plunges into the blob. Then it moves in the box shape, moving the blob which has now stuck to and blocked the print head. So, I try again this time removing the blob before the main print starts. This time no extrusion is taking place at all. The head is moving and the extrusion gear is moving at a very tiny rate, much more slowly than I would expect to output any material. Thats as far as I have got. tried all this many times, reinstalled software, tried RC1 firmware (which actually does totally different things, the extrusion seems to go crazy and dump masses of random piles of material before the head moves in the box pattern). Any help would be welcome but I am starting to give up.... Oh and the noise from that crappy fan is driving me round the bend...
  6. I have checked this some more and found that the RH limit switch signal on the PCB connector is stuck at 0 volts, even with the switch unplugged. Then followed this through to the Arduino board and it is stuck there, so the problem seems to be a blown I/O port on the Arduino. I have lodged a support call.
  7. No, as I mentioned, I tried disconnecting both limit switches. Also it was working before. When connected, the LH limit switch works OK.
  8. Hi, I have not printed anything yet but previously fully tested the mechanics with control panel. But now, suddenly the printhead will not move when X+ is clicked. I have done the following: Disconnected limit switches. Swapped over the X and Y stepper drivers, fault stays the same, on X Swapped the motor cables, now X does move when Y+ is clicked, thus proving the motor and mechanics are OK Any ideas?
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