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  1. Whoa awesome! Can we get some videos of this script in action?? Makerbot made some seriously awesome time-lapse footage of an ABP-equipped thingomatic printing out all the mendel parts one by one. Never mind that the ABP never worked for anyone else, it was a pretty awesome vid and I bet you'd get a lot of customers when they see that. Maybe you can put a little printed bulldozer on the side of the print head so the robots are removed more successfully? Here is an early attempt by me: It uses the front left screw to press against the robot. I never got the Gcode to loop well though (M
  2. Your print looks very shiny, an indicator of high temperature. You could safely drop it. In my experience the first thing that will go is layer bonding and after that you might have extrusion problems (slipping filament) because of high forces. Just lower the temperature so you still get good layer bonding. Too high temperature will not necessarily be bad for your print, but it might cause more stringing or problems because of heating up the filament too much and it plugging your PFA tube.
  3. Im not familiar with the 'IKEA Ultimaker carrying bag', but at least it looks more professional It can handle the weight of an UM + roll of PLA (+one more, plus power adapter + UltiController) easily, without any sign of straining or breaking. The design does not rely on layer adhesion for strength.
  4. My first Thing on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22819 Martijn introduced me to the idea of mounting a handle in place of the Z-axis covers, so I made one. Decided on using square holes to prevent overhangs, not sure how round holes come out. Anyone got some experience with bigger (8mm diam.) round holes aligned with the print bed?
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