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  1. Thank-you all for the helpful replies! I think I am sold on getting one at this point, particularly as it looks like there is a great community behind it. Cheers, Sam
  2. Hi everyone, I've been looking to buy a printer the last few weeks and have almost settled on an Ultimaker(or maybe a an UP??) I thought I'd post some of the questions that have come to mind as I've been researching. I'm a 3d artist and do a lot of 3d sculpture so I'd be looking to get a nice print and clean it up. 1. Does any of the software that you can use with the Ultimaker automatically create support structures if needed?? It looks like Cura is the collection of software that would be the easiest for me to use so it would be cool if this did it. Alternatively, are there methods to build the supports in your 3d package in so they do their job but are easy to remove? 2.I'm planning on printing my models with 1-2mm push in on them so I can cover them with wax and use that to sculpt the very fine detail. Wax melts at around 60-85°C and I think abs and pvc melt at a little over 100°C so I think I should be ok. Does this sound like a good idea to you? Not sure how well the wax would stick? 3. Does anyone know if a heated bed version is due out soon? I'm in no rush to buy so I could hold off if that were the case(not a big issue for me tho) 4. I haven't been able to find good info on how the machine is calibrated. Is it all done with the software? Or is it a combination of software and tweaking the hardware? Any links? 5.Finally, given that I'm mostly interested in just printing(as opposed to tweaking), will the Ultimaker give me better results than the UP printer? I've seen prints from the Ultimaker that far exceed what the UP printer is capable of but I'm not sure of the level of expertise that went into them. Would they be doable for your average user. I'm pretty close to buying but these were a few things I wanted to get straight before I do. Thanks for your help! Sam
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