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  1. I managed to install Cura on OSX without too much hassle and I will try it tomorrow when my current print is ready. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Today I tested M220 and it works fine for the overall printing speed but what I need is the travel rate. With travel rate I mean when the print head has to move from one point to another. I tend to set the travel rate to at least 300% in order to avoid unwanted bridging as much as possible. UPDATE Found what I was looking for, a complete index of all codes: http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code UPDATE 2 For those of you who want to know this code did the trick for me: M205 T300 UPDATE 3 A higher acceleration nearly completely eliminates bridging: M201 X3000 Y3000
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I have been using Slic3r to generate gcode from within ReplicatorG. But can it also be used to drive the printer and monitor the printing process?
  4. Since I moved the fridge to another circuit it has been printing non stop. So that seemed to be the problem indeed.
  5. Hi, Since I got my Ultimaker I have been using ReplicatorG to print but today I started using PrintRun (pronterface for osx). I like it but there is no option of changing the travel rate like in RepG. I can send some code to the printer, though what would be the code for travel rate?
  6. Ok, I think I found it. A fridge was connected on the same circuit. It seems to be fixed now but I will know for sure tonight when he is done. Thanks for your help!
  7. The whole machine just friezes, I can see the Arduino blinking underneath but all motos stopped. Also the print progress indicators in RepG get stuck. The USB cable is fine, it is the same one I used since the beginning with two magnetic ends and the Mac never goes to sleep. So I suspect the Arduino stopping due to peaks in the power supply like you are suggesting. It happened since we moved to a new place therefore I am quite certain. I will try the power surge power strip. Printrun looks great but seems to be lacking one feature I often use in RepG, the travel rate multiplier.
  8. Hi, Lately I have a lot of trouble printing large pieces. Prints seem to stop earlier and earlier in the process. Only a month ago I printed pieces reaching the limits of the Ultimaker's print area (19x19x20cm taking about 20 hours) but now I can not even reach 10% of a total print, mostly it stops before 5%. At first I thought the machine driving my Ultimaker was the problem (an old 17" Core Duo iMac) but today I connected my brand new maxed out MacBook Air resulting in even worse results. It really is the hardware (or firmware) seizing. What should I do? I bought my Ultimaker in December 2011 and I am using RepG 0035 with Marlin/Sprinter and Slic3r to generate the gcode. This setup worked like a charm before. But suddenly I have a lot of trouble. Any hints on going from here?
  9. Ok, I have been testing a lot and, call be crazy, I discovered the following. When I leave the tuning window open with "show communications" enabled prints are always completed. This has been consistently the case for the last 11 prints. Maybe it's just a coincidence but I'm happy again.
  10. I experienced this today too. I'm on an Intel Mac with 10.6.8 and ReplicatorG 0035. Suddenly on a nearly finished high quality print the usb connection got lost. I had to close ReplicatorG and open it again to regain control over the machine. The computer it is connected to is our office server. It has all the HD's connected to it and our A3 printer. I have been able to print for longer periods without trouble. So I did not detect a pattern yet.
  11. Ok, in the meantime I found a solution. 0024 did allow me to install the new firmware. When that was done I could use 0035 to connect to the machine. I must say the quality of my prints improved tremendously.
  12. Thanks for your reply. In the meantime I managed to get the machine connected met the RC3 of Marlin (Erik's build). But I have not managed to get anything decent printed so far with 0035. Just now I went back to 0025, reinstalled the 5D firmware and I get very good results. Also it seems with 0035 the extruder is not working. At a given moment, while it was printing I could rotate the cog wheel of the extruder. It felt like the stepper motor was not connected.
  13. Hi, Yesterday I built my Ultimaker. It was already printing very good but I had RepG 0024. Today I installed 0035 but I can't get it to work. I can select the serial port but when trying to connect I get en IOException (screenshot attached). Next I tried to upload new firmware but RepG just ends up hanging. I know it is supposed to but I waited for 30 minutes, no result. I am new to this, not quite sure where to go next. Can anyone help me on the way? [uPDATE] I can install the Old 5D firmware but none of the Sprinter/Marlin firmware.
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