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  1. I hope I can get some good suggestions on how to improve my prints. Thanks for having a look, I hope this video helps explain. It's about 3.5 minutes but you might get the idea of what is wrong in the first minute or so.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZME9TRrmeo&feature=youtu.be The model is of these thin tubes that are overhangs, so I tried to print with 100% fill density and thin layers (I am using Cura). The edges were curling so much that they were hitting the extruder fan, so I removed it. I didn't have it running anyways. The edges did end up curling anyways and the print fail
  2. it seems like the activity is at the google group, if you have some advice i would appreciate it. Have a look here: http://groups.google.com/group/ultimake ... cf6d82e663
  3. it does have a little green light on at the bottom which is labeled "led 7", and the blue light at the extruder will flash on for a split second when i unplug the usb and plug it back in...but it is still not working I don't necessarily believe it is a software issue, but I tried using ReplicatorG Ultimaker Edition - 0035, and I have Python installed, but it does not help. It says "Couldn't find a port to use!". The Ultimaker does not seem to be turning on properly, the first time I plugged it in, without even connecting the USB, the blue light stayed on and the fan was operating, etc...
  4. I powered my Ultimaker on last week for the first time. Everything seemed fine, the lights came on, it was making wonderful noises, it was beautiful. I ran Cura, and the the first run check, and it communicated with my computer. I didn't run a print, and shut it down. Now it is a week later, I plugged the Ultimaker in, and the blue light at the extruder flashed on for a second, I heard it connect to my computer, but then nothing. There is zero activity. I thought I saw a little spark fly out when I plugged the power cord in. Anybody have thoughts as to what might be wrong? :?:
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