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  1. Thanks guys, the advice absolutely helped. Fortunately I didn't have to mess with the pots! So to sum it up, If your prints are getting misaligned/slanting towards a certain direction (left-right/front-back) check the respective motors for the following : 1) Pulley connected to the motor must not be grinding against each other, mine even has some residue due to the 2 surfaces grinding. Not good. Loosen the pulley, leave a gap between the pulley and the motor, re-tighten the pulley. 2) Loosen the motor, apply some pressure to push it downwards and re-tighten the screws. This gives the short
  2. Hi guys! Just got my Ultimaker about 2 weeks ago, made good progress tweaking and getting it running, now it prints decent stuff! However there is just ONE problem plaguing me, and has been for a week. I'll let 2 photos show you what it is. As you can see the X-Axis (Left-Right) is nice and straight, while.... The Y-Axis is slanting and simply doesn't stay straight! This is the most recent test, it was previously slanting towards the front, and now slants to the back after some tweaking. I've already tried : 1) Adding tension to both Y-Axis belts using a belt tensioner 2) Checking pu
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