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  1. Thanks for pointing out that thread, I'm gonna read it.. I havend checked the teflon part yet, it seems ok but I haven't checked it very carefully..
  2. That's what I did a few times already.. is it normal that it grinds into the extruder mechanism, probably not.. so the spring is tightning the filament to much. I printed the tightning mechanism a little shorter (the white part in which the nut and bolt are connected) and now the tension on the spring is less, and I'm more capable of regulating the spring tension instead of lowest spring tension always. This works so far but still it cannot do more than 60mm/s. Pics; http://s30.postimg.org/6m0c2djqp/photo_1.jpg http://s30.postimg.org/wga4s5jqp/photo_2.jpg What is normal for the UM2 to be able to print? And is there anyone who has the same issue with the grinded extruder feeder part?
  3. I guess I don't understand that comment. Could you explain further? I thought you meant with the head taken apart. Well, I took apart the extruder and heated it to 230 deg. and pushed filament through, but this was very difficult to do, way more difficult than with my UM original.. I did print .2 layers, 230C and it even ticks at 25mm/sec (printing a 30x30mm cube 100% fill) whereas my UM original can do 80 with ease.. So I took apart the feeder mechanism again.. and here are my findings; Aparently the filament is grinding into the plastic part which lead to friction.. this is caused by the sping being to strong/long and pushing the filament into the pastic part. Notice that this happens on both before and after the motor. Now I took the tension away, removed the nut and bolt and and now it prints fairly ok, 230c, 40-50mm/s, still not near the 90mm/s.. Here a photo of the grinded plastic feeder mechanism; http://s29.postimg.org/ikrztirzb/CIMG1392.jpg
  4. I already tried the nozzle cleaning the way you described, I let a piece of PLA smelt in the extruder and pulled it out at 80 deg which helped me pull out all of the inside plastic in the extruder. I got a perfect shaped extruder inside form, even with a small top piece of .4mm so I'm sure it's clean.. I've only used PLA on this printer from ultimaker which is approx. 2.85mm. I did the pulling force test and the machine skipped steps at 2KG and later at 3KG. It feels like the extruder motor has not enough current and the heated block is just not heating the filament quickly enough..
  5. Hi, Since the last 2 weeks I'm having trouble printing on my new UM2, the extruder is not extruding enough filament and I hear the clicking noise frequently. The extruder motor is skipping steps/not enough torque/current. I've already done the things which are subscribed for this issue; - Tighten or losen the filament screw; both done, nothing works.. - Clean the nozzle; done, nothing in there - Clean the extruder assembly; also nothing in there only the ball-bearing has some friction unto the plastic case. - Push filament by hand is really difficult, even at 230 deg c. Anyone has a clue about what to do? Can I adjust the current setting for the steppers? JJ
  6. Hi Daid, Today I installed Cura RC3 on my windows PC but I'm having trouble slice-ing my models, it's giving me the following error: "ValueError: expected length 2, got 1" which happens on every model I load... Any idea's? Thanks! and
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