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  1. Thanks, but still a bit unclear to me. is this where i change the settings? cheers Bas
  2. Hi I recently got my Ultimaker and have made some decent prints using ReplicatorG and SLickr I switched to NetFabb but after creating the toolpath and loading the Gcode in Replicator G i get a lot of: You're moving too fast! G1 X103.2600 Y104.4100 Z18.0800 F9720.0000 E238412.0313 turns at least one axis faster than it's max speed. and that is for everything i try, also the calibration gcode i did set the M92 E14 in the start code. in the machine settings (general settings) also max XY and Max Z accell is defined (7.0 and 10.0 resp) i do not know whether these are correct or what they sh
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