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  1. Hi, i tried cura 4.0 and it shows a funny behaviour. i am printing quite detailed min figures (with tree support and adaptive layers). when i slice with cura 4 sometimes the print stops during print. unfortunately extruder stays at the temp and it slowly forms a blob at the print. there is nothing that can be done i have to switch off the machine. it is actually worrying because if not attended it could start a fire of melt the extruder parts. i have a modified ultimaker original (a ulti2 printhead) and a selfmade heated bed. i suspected the po
  2. Hi mark2 team, wow awesome site and upgrade. i looked through the documentation and it looks great. i do not want o hijack this thread but i guess the best start is here to find interested collaborators. my "problem" is that i have an UMO (no plus) and would love to mod it to a Mark2 but not sure where to start. - upgrade hotend and feeder to an um2+ x2 (if that is possible) - simply use a double UMO hotend (eg i have the old dual extrusion kit is that possible to reuse it?) - do i need the umo+ electronics ? so many options and i am sure every version needs a lot of testing. so here t
  3. Hi, maybe i miss a thread but are there any news regarding this upgrade? thanks in advance. Bernd
  4. hi that is also new to me that the 2nd nozzle is just picked up. here comes the question: how did you solve the oozing problem? by fan and cooling? is the second print head lower? your prints are great so there must be a trick.
  5. also excited aboutthe upgrade. i will order my magnets today. hopefully my dual extrusion upgrade has all the parts. the poll is currently at 23 (UMO) versus 53 (UM2). would be interesting to know how many umo versus um2 have been sold and if the ratio reflects that. @sandervg are you allowed to give us some numbers or at least the ratio? @foehnsturm awesome effort. one question, any comment which noozle typ is the most recommended for an umo upgrade? or does that not matter much in terms of quality?
  6. Hi foehnsturm et al. below is the doodle link for the poll to identify the interest in the different possible upgrades. http://doodle.com/poll/nmbwek5bihi5kdrg I included all four possible upgrades UMO, UMO+, UM2, UM2+ so all users can vote for their interest. I am fully aware that this might be difficult (e.g. not sure if UM2 is easy to upgrade). I kept is simple to these four choices. (not asking about bed upgrades, nozzles etc.) Please let me know if you think that is fine. Happy to change it in case I missed something.
  7. @foehnsturm What about a Doodle poll to the check the interest. I am about 110% sure, that there would be lots of people with an UMO(+) who would be interested. Happy to create one if you do not mind.
  8. @foehnsturm if there is any chance to beta-test or support development of the tool-changer for the UMO please let me know. amazing prints...(and not enough money for an UM2+)
  9. Great so there is something happening and thanks for the reply.
  10. so I was directed to this forum by sander. May question was why not fix the website and calling a beta a beta and directing to the last stable version of cura? my request was also fix it and not answer this post (at least one of your programmer agreed that this was a mistake, and about >5 posts in the forum do so), ...but too late... @SandervG: and yes I used the inappropriate button in the wrong sense I could not resist, because I am childish...
  11. Congrats. Are there any phone calls from Ultimaker yet? It would be super awesome to get a bom together. You solved a very hard problem very elegantly. Any videos?
  12. I really like the different speed. Setting. One step closer to allow different qualities within a print.
  13. HI Daid, That is a tough questions. I personally really like the speed, but still missing some things. E.g. plugins color change does not work (others I did not test I assume it is the same) and also some other features (half layer steps at the outside to have a better quality there). This (the skinning) is in my view something that I really miss and therefore I would not use the steam engine for most of my prints if I want to have quality. On the other side for standard prints it is really superfast and great (minus some infill jumps which potentially can be problematic if the model is rippe
  14. I would through in my hat in the ring as well.
  15. Am besten Cura verwenden. Das ist fuer den Einstieg am einfachsten (verwendet den gleichen Slicer wie ReplicaterG) Hattest du bei netfabb das modell in den build bereich gezogen. Es hoert soch so an als ob du nur das raft hast slicen lassen.
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