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  1. a bit disappointed in my dreams the horn was longer and the eyes more beautiful...

    good print though... ;)

    (minor comment the emojis are really ugly, if the leave away the frame then it would be much better)


    Here you are... :D


    'Pink unicorn' was the working title. In the meantime the pink unicorn has disappeared and the software is called 'new Cura'.


  2. I completely agree with labern. I am also far away and almost given up as I have asked for informative videos of ulti evenings a long time ago.

    a comment @sander: you seem to think a lot how to involve the community (creating a new much debated forum), but a really strong asset and wealth of information the ulti evening videos are not really used. I do not understand this. moreover cutting the videos to 1 minute and music added probably takes more time than simply upload the uncut video with maybe some chapter information. e.g. I would love to see ultiarians dual extrusion mod... enough there is hope that this might change

  3. First I would like to state I do not have an UM2, but only an UMO+ (actually the plus is self build).

    But reading about the dual extrusion issue with the Um2 I think Ultimaker is not really all it could do.

    First they promised up to some weeks ago that there will be dual extrusion for the um2. So to be fair they should accept returns of machines of users that have bought it recently (even return the shipping costs)

    Second as they have spent such a long time on the dual extrusion they should have documented it ( sure they have) and explain in detail what went wrong (too much heat?, knocking off?) show us some videos, prints etc that would be fair and people would be more sympathetic with the decision if they see the problems ( some clever community guys may even have some ideas to solve the issue, who knows). So far a non technical marketing bla bla ( sorry Sander) has been released. "We care about quality....."

    Third something that I do not like but Ultimaker thinks it is cool is their secretive "Apple-esk" behaviour in terms of developments.

    Why can't you just state: we are developing a new machine with dual extrusion, a 3D scanner or new soluble material a bigger/smaller new printer, a new print head for the UMO, new electronics or whatever. And give regular updates on the progress. Instead every next printshow a lot of hype (costs lots of money I guess), though you could have a continuous hype by just being open. A monthly newsletter from the development team.

    Okay enough rant, as besides the above I am really happy with my UMO+ , dual extrusion is okay but I rarely use it and the final question : are there any ideas to have a better quality UMO dual extrusion ?

    And Finally I have to exclude Daid from my comments as here at least I know from his comments what will happen with Cura. So he would be a good role model for the hardware development team.

  4. If I am not mistaken this upgrade works from 1.5.4 without problems. (Sorry 1.5.3 guys!)

    Electronics from longer ago could also work, but a tweak in the firmware is required.


    I am going to have someone from R&D confirm this..


    Can you please be more specific for 1.5.3. What kind of tweak would be required?

    Is there a chance to get the z-stage only (without the heated bed?)

  5. Are there more Infos about the z stage upgrade? As I already have a heated bed and dual I am mainly interested in this one. Also is it true that the heated bed would not work with 1.5.3 electronics ?

    Great announcements but where are the Infos?

  6. I finished my Dual extrusion upgrade last week. A calibration model and a first photo of a print can be found on youmagine (see signature below).

    As it seems from the blog and also from my experience it works great except there is still some oozing that sort of makes the prints a bit messy.

    My current idea (which I just tested) is simple.The oozing wall. Basically everytime when there is a change between extruders the noozle has to cross a wall to get rid of the oozing.

    An example can be seen in the picture. The quick and dirty solution (especially easy with small prints where you know from which side the swapped noozle will enter the print) is to create protective walls. This worked really well and I had almost no cleaning to do afterwards. The bonus is that it is potentially a software solution that could be integrated in Cura. Instead of having a brim or raft, there could be a selection to have also a wall. The simple version would be to have the skirt drawn upwards so there would be a hull outside of the model, but this needs a lot of time and material is wasted.

    A cleverer solution would be the following procedure: at every noozle change the new noozle moves to a predifined wall crossing (wipe tower) and then starts to print. This is maybe only triggered if the noozle was idling more than 5 s (could be a setting in cura) as oozing normally takes some time.

    The wipe tower would be printed by both noozles and needs not to be an enormous structure, but maybe quite solid for bigger prints.

    Another idea I had (but did not work that good), was to attach an old CD to the frame so it covers a edge of the platform as a permanent wipe tower (would not need to be printed). This worked reasonably well, but needs some more fiddling.




  7. Question:

    Unfortunately I cannot build my dual extrusion kit (some parts are definetely missing).

    When going through the manual at the wiki I came across the following section, when connecting the temperature cables to the circuit boards at the printhead.

    4. Now you can also connect the temperature cables to the amplifier circuit boards on the print head. The one with the yellow/red/black wires needs to be placed in the front one and the cable with the green/orange/brown wires need to be placed in the amplifier circuit board at the back of the print head.

    I only have a single temperature cable (I have a Ultimaker version 2 and this cable is actually green/red/black). I have the feeling that the second temperature cable is missing in my kit as I cannot find it anywhere in my package. Can anyone please confirm that there need to be two connectors and cables for the printhead temperature cables. Maybe these cables were included in the Ultimaker 4 revisions but not in Ultimaker 2 . I cannot find anything about that in the manual and also the photos for the kit do not show any cables/connectors..

    Thanks in advance,



  8. Unfortunately some parts were missing when my dual extrusion upgrade arrived so it will be while to test the ideas mentioned below.

    A whipe tower could simply be a small heat resistent plate which is attached to the frame and just at one edge of the bed. It would stay at the same height and no need to print one (probably someone else had this idea before).

    Second, to cool the inactive nozzle why not have next to the whipe a water splash pool topped by a sponge that takes the water up and we use evaporation to cool the noozle by some degrees. Via the speed the noozle passes the sponge the amount of cooling could be controlled. A clever algorithm would know how much cooling is necessary before the next print of the noozle.

    So after a job of one noozle is done it whipes and cooles itself and then normal heating would take place just to be ready for the next job.

    As i said just ideas but maybe someone thinks they are worth a try.

  9. Hi

    Just played with the merge function in Cura. If I multiply one model, mirror it and click on merge it results in a single object, which looks like the single object before. Is there a way to merge it by hand. As I am not sure how cura would know how someone wants to merge two models automatically, i think there needs to be a manual way to merge. Or do i need other software to merge models?

  10. The missing black injection molded parts where a slight oversight. But we have spares of those parts, so if you mention that you are missing that bit I'll try to see if I can get it included in your order.


    Thanks heaps,Daid

    my order number is:

    100010152 8/20/13 Bernd Gruber Preparing shipment View Order | Reorder

    Shall i contact sales as well?

  11. Reporting from R&D.

    If you don't have a kit which came per default with the injection molded (black) parts, then the dual-extrusion kit will fit fine. You DO have to use the old top plate then, this will fit fine, but you'll have slightly less room for the cables. (This is not in the assembly instructions)

    For example, this my own printer rigged for dual extrusion: http://daid.eu/~daid/IMG_20120514_235612.jpg (with still a V1 hotend, but a top plate for a V2 hotend without injection parts)


    Is there any chance that there will be some assembly instructions for older ultimaker versions?

    Or why not ship this plasic parts for owners of older versions. I would call thisservice (and probably would be cheaper than having instructions for 4 different versions)

    I explicitely asked about when preordering and noone mentioned that earlier versions are different to be assembled.

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