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  1. And greetings to good old leipzig. (I lived there for about 10 years) Cheers
  2. Or t just changed color from black to white ....;-)
  3. Hi, I just checked the shop about 5 minutes ago and the new dual extruder kit was there. and then it was really funny. I added it to my cart and then it was gone again. I could look at 2 photos for about 2 minutes and then the whole kit was gone from the shop. Any idea if this is a bug or if it was just a test ? Anyone else saw it, or was I just dreaming?
  4. I noticed that the csv table does not show correct. here is a screenshot.
  5. Hi, I suggested this a while ago to Daid (but he did not respond, so he was either busy or did not think it was a good idea). I had the idea especially because SteamEngine is so fast, that it would be great to have the ability to have different profiles during prints (at least switch the profile between layers). My idea was to define via a table of the following style: file to.mm profile cubetest (= a csv file (e.g. created in Excel, germans be aware csv means comma seperated not ;" which is used in the german excel version and would not work) The table defines which profile should be u
  6. I agree with snowy. And something else which I have mentioned probably more than a year ago is their lack of telling anyone of their developments. Not wanting any deadline or anything (though this would be nice and professional) we have not really a clue what is going on. Why not reporting on the development and tries. Sure they could benefit from some of the knowledge of the fora. Dual extrusion seems to be in the pipeline but why not having a simple table like snowy's above and give an order of priority. This list should be prominent on ultimaker web page and updated so people see what is g
  7. as far as I know (check the latest update movie) they are still developing the machine and it is not finished yet. Sold out means currently the only work on kickstarter machines and will accept no further orders at this stage. Once everything is shipped people can order machines from their website. But I think it is a good idea to wait until I heard something about quality (tolerance of filament width)
  8. I give up. Very disappointing. No tiny response or anything after 4 weeks. ( except Diad as always). Is the maker fair still on?
  9. Not sure why you spent 3000$ I have an ultimaker in Australia and upgraded it with V2 nozzle and extruder. Shipping isa bit dear but twice the ultimaker price seems a bit high. So how big is the print? What is the speed and I would be interested into a more color print. Happy printing.
  10. I really like the different speed. Setting. One step closer to allow different qualities within a print.
  11. Anyone out there who knows if a video was shot at the event? Just a simple yes or no would be nice.
  12. HI Daid, That is a tough questions. I personally really like the speed, but still missing some things. E.g. plugins color change does not work (others I did not test I assume it is the same) and also some other features (half layer steps at the outside to have a better quality there). This (the skinning) is in my view something that I really miss and therefore I would not use the steam engine for most of my prints if I want to have quality. On the other side for standard prints it is really superfast and great (minus some infill jumps which potentially can be problematic if the model is rippe
  13. Another request It would be great to have a possibility to start t a higher layer ( for interrupted prints)
  14. Are there any videos on the last ulti evening from 6th of May? Is there a repository of links to all videos. I cannot find a site and theyseem to be quite scattered across sites.
  15. Hi Just an idea. If I understand correctly a wipe tower would be a structure that needs to be printed with the model i.e. It uses plasteic and moreover slows down the print. Wouldn't it be easier to have a structure like a post in a corner of the print bed which triggers a mechanical swip from something that is attached and retracted via a spring at the print head. This would relax te necessity of a wipe tower.
  16. I would through in my hat in the ring as well.
  17. I sincerely agree on the different layer heights, speeds within one print. Should not be too hard to have a post "plugin"-type extension that allows the user to specify different layerheights (quality setting height and speed) for different layers. In an advanced setting it would be even better so be able to select different parts of a model (like a lasso on the surface with a defined depth ) and change the quality setting (height and speed and extrusion) for this part/surface of the model. Otherwise slicing speed is great but a nice visualisation that points out potential problems (such as
  18. Thanks for the useful hints. I will try this weekend and let you know how I went. Cheers, greengecko
  19. Hi, could not find an answer to this probably earlier asked question. So, to avoid warping and to have a sometimes prefered non-shiny smooth surface at the buttom, does it help to print PLA on a layer of heated blue tape? If so what is a good temperature to start with. Thanks in advance, greengecko
  20. Hi , Not sure how good your german is, this might help ( and i tried it, works great) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26746 There is also a description in english on thingiverse (but i have not tried this) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12915 May be there are even more if you search for 'terrain' on thingiverse. Good luck.
  21. Am besten Cura verwenden. Das ist fuer den Einstieg am einfachsten (verwendet den gleichen Slicer wie ReplicaterG) Hattest du bei netfabb das modell in den build bereich gezogen. Es hoert soch so an als ob du nur das raft hast slicen lassen.
  22. First success i have my heated bed working. I am using This as a heater: http://store.qu-bd.com/product.php?id_product=30 Works great. One thing i noticed is that the temp reading of the thermistor is quite off Heating to 50C using the ulticontroller results something of about 65-70C I am using the 100k Thermistor table (option 1) in the marlin firmware. Fro the website of the provider i get the following info (see below for all details) 100k thermistor, beta3950k and i soldered a 4.7k Ohm resistor to the board. Can anyone direct me to which thermistor table can i use? Or would
  23. I would put it simply, if you print it standing up you can use the higher resolution of the z axis. If you lay it down you could have some problems with warping of the sides (depends how solid you need the print) and also you most likely see some steps on top (also you need retraction). So I would also opt for standing up.
  24. I had a similar experience. A great printer and then too less extruion after the first layer. Finally i found I had a plug in the hoted (only small but obviously enough to cause too much friction). So after cleaning i worked again. but I guess you have already checked when you changed your tube. Another reason could be a too thin filament diameter. Can you meassure your filament? If so adjust the value to the slicer, but make you meassure it at more than 3 points. I also ad here some problems lately.
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