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  1. ok, I made a small stl, to multiply to print 3 items print one at times thanx https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fkpzn9ycyy7toel/AADT20lWOwDs-92caG5hFThga?dl=0
  2. I realized that cura 15.04.05 dooes not compute properly printer head moving in multipe objects - print one at time mode. after completing an object, the z axis starts to move before the head is positioned in a safe location bringing to the collision with the previous object with unpleasant consequences. previous versions was ok example: old versions --->ok on Z45.900 G1 F3000 X147.358 Y26.018 E3958.01775 M107 G92 E0 G10 --- first object completed G0 F12000 X147.358 Y26.018 Z50.881 --- raise head G0 X75.637 Y87.631 ---- move x y in a safe position without moving z ;Layer count: 229 ;LAYER:0 G0 X79.193 Y89.349 Z0.300 --- move x y and go to z 0 cura 15.04.05 ---> CRASH on Z45.900 G1 F3000 X86.556 Y55.160 E6226.79748 M107 G92 E0 G10 --- first object completed G0 F9000 X86.556 Y55.160 Z50.881 --- raise head without moving x and y ;Layer count: 230 ;LAYER: 0 G0 X75.375 Y88.105 Z0.300 --- moving x and y togheter z axis!! printer head crash on the previous object!!!! this is a bug that, in addition to damaging the printed objects, could also lead to damage to the printer! thanx
  3. yes, in the layer preview it seems to work without any problem. i'll test soon to print with the large nozzle 0.6
  4. So to use spiralize I had to make a solid model and generate two separate gcodes: one for the first 20 layers (lamp holder) without spiralize and another for the rest of the lamp with spiralize. Then i had to mix the 2 gcodes with swap at z plugin (or with my text editor) and cross my fingers... It might work?
  5. thanx Labern, It could be a good idea to mirror the object and to shift large part at the bottom. In this case I have to make some changes to the design, since now in the small part there is the fitting for the lamp holder, and as it is now i can't print it at the top. Anyway i hope that spiralize and large nozzle could fix the problem.
  6. Hi, with my UM2 I'm testing new materials to improve heat resistance of my objects. The object is a lampshade (similar a big vase) approximately 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm, wall 0.8 mm no infill, no top, 0.4 nozzle, 0.2 layer height. with PLA (colorfabb or Ultmaker or others) everything is fine, but using xt or ngen I have a few issues. main setting: xt: temperature 245, speed 40 mm\s, fan 50%, ngen: temperature 230, 40 mm\s, fan 50% issues: over to a certain height (around over 16 cm), things start to go bad.. ---the shape is deformed, the circular shape becomes oval ---strange surface artefacts appears, a sort of blobbing (particullary in xt). It seems a sort of scar ---layer adhesion gets worse the bottom part (first 16 cm) is good, so I tried to divide the object into 2 different file.... and inexplicably if printed separately the upper part is ok! I think the problem is also related to the specify shape (overhangs and changin angle), but do not understand why it only occurs over a certain height and only using XT and NGEN (with PLA no issue). any suggestions on how I could approach to this? now i'm thinking to try a larger nozzle (0.8) and spiralizing the contours thanks for any suggestions. filippo www.filippolosilab.com
  7. are you planning the development of an all metal extruder as kit for ultimaker 2? I think it that would be a good idea, so it would no longer have to resort to third-party products (E3d...) since for nylon, abs, xt the metal way seems to be the best. On other hand supply only one type of extruder for all types of filaments is perhaps a difficult way...
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