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  1. Hi everyone! My name's Steven (pleased to meet you all!) and I've been looking into the 3D printer market for a couple of months now, and after lots of research I've settled on the Ultimaker - it's mix of affordability and print resolution seems to be exactly what I'm after. I'm looking at using the Ultimaker to make my own wargaming miniatures (much like Shaun - another user on this forum). They will be about 28mm high and reasonably fine detail (which is why I'm keen on the Ultimaker - the 0.1mm vertical resolution seems much better for this sort of thing than the 0.3mm resolution that other printers provide). I just have a couple of questions before I get started. 1: Which 3D graphic programs should I use with the Ultimaker? I want to print a lot of small models of people, is Poser going to work? How hard is it to export files between different graphics programs? Is it possible to just plug-and-print like with a lot of 2D printers? 2: Is the Ultimaker difficult to assemble? I have no experience with electronics, but if it's just a matter of following a set of assembly instructions then I won't have any difficulty. If it involves wiring up electronics or soldering then it's probably a little beyond my skills. 3: A very simple question - the printer had 3 planes: X, Y and Z. X and Y are horizontal, Z is vertical, correct? Thanks!
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