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  1. Thx that solved the problem, I forgot that i did the same with previous versions of cura.
  2. Hello, I love the new Cura 12.10, but I'm getting an error when I press "prepare print" it gives "Something went wrong during slicing!" Not very helpful The slicing log is empty and running it in a terminal doesn't give any information either. I'm using ubuntu 12.10 64bit, cura 12.08 and previous versions of cura worked fine. Same problem on a different PC with ubuntu 12.04 64bit. BTW: Thanks for making such a nice software.
  3. Hi, I bought my ultimaker in june. Since then I have a constant problem with the tube poping out, I tried to solve that with a very strong glue, but this caused filament grinding. Today however after tightening the extruder part so tight the tube came loose again (you can`t believe the frustration at that moment). I took a look at that new hot end, the white little tube (I think its called teflon insulator) can it solve my issues, or is useless for me? I`m kinda losing hope that my printer will ever work properly for longer then 4 hours :( Oh and do I have to buy the entire hot end kit or j
  4. My printer seems to be working normally now, phew... I disabled the fan which seems to have stopped the plastic to block itself and i forced the tube back in whith some paper and tape. (not the prettiest solution ) I'm printing those parts you made, at the moment, no problems so far, yay
  5. Hi, thanks for your response. I tried it but still it starts to come loose after a few minutes. I believe I have a problem with the extrusion, the material gets stuck in the part above the nozzle and pushes the plastic tube out. I've tried to increase the temperature to 220 (PLA) and to decrease steps per E, but its just a matter of minutes before it comes loose again. edit: i noticed i wasn't so clear the first time, it didn't come loose at the extruder wooden weel but at the part where it gets melted. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1tlrX1ub0P5dW8tb3F2REhINVk/edit?pli=1
  6. Hi I've just finished my ultimaker after 3 hard days, so i'm new to this forum. I have made a few nice prints but somehow the plastic tube (not sure about the official name) has come loose from the extruder part. I've tried to put it back in but without success. Is there a way to reconnect it? or did i just miss a part of the assembly guide :s
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