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  1. oh, sorry - this thread should be under "art of printing"!
  2. Hi All, i am quite confused - during the print suddenly the layers "shifted". I try to link a pic because it explains what i mean. Is it possible because i played with ultimaker controller speeding up the print? Originally the speed was about 75mm/s, but i cranked it up to 130%. The layers become somewhat loose as you see from the layers above - could it be i speeded it up too much? Then i slowed it all down back to 100% and then this "layershift" occurred. I did same print with white PLA plastic before and without any issues like this. Is it possible that PLA-s behave differently? What mi
  3. Awesome printer. Still lot to learn, but so far very happy w results.
  4. aargh, you were so right! i got accidentally that plugin enabled. Thanks. It might have driven me crazy blaming god knows what.
  5. hey thank you so much! i do have a blue tape. i did calibrate the bed and also made the skrit line up to 2 times, so the filament starts flowing properly before going to the model itself. using alcohol is great idea. gotta try this too. now something unexpected happened, cura just pauses itself whuile printing. had happen several times for now, usually when it has been printing for an hour. my laptop where cura runs, has sleepmode unabled. so it cant be that i guess. when i hit resume, it continues, but there is a gap in slice. the nozzle still keeps temperature on 220, doesnt cool down whil
  6. Hi all, i am quite new in this forum all tough i have had ultimaker for a year now. Thankfully new cura works much better than previous (netfabb?) version on mac so i found courage to start printing again. Few questions - when i print for example iphone case, i have to add raft, because while i try to print directly on printing surface, the pla plastic wont stick on it. But while using raft, its kinda difficult to remove it from the back of the case. So is it possible to print directly on the platform - shall i adjust the base manually higher or is there a way to tell Cura to print first
  7. Hi all, I am working in MacOSX (10.5.8) i bought the Netfabb and hoped to improve the print quality - but run on several issues: after generating gcode the print button wont go active. I thought that maybe i have to make calibration print first, but then it crashes and quits. Anyone have had issues with Netfabb running in osx? Best, Taavi
  8. Thanks I Robert I! Now it prints! I try to improve the quality now.
  9. Yay, it was "cool type"! Btw do happen to know why it is so that under skeinforge 35 extruder motor extrudes, but in skeinforge 40 it wont work? Another small difference among 260 options?
  10. I will take lookon Cura but i am runnin OSX and it seems to be quite tricky to install it
  11. got a stl file for thingiverse > generated code (skeinforge 35, pla-ultimaker-failsafe) for some reason i cannot use Skeinforge 40 as the extruder motor wont start up. And voila, i have a box inside print (which is has much smooter surface than the print i'd like to have) Is there a way to reset machine or does it have some files written in system preferences which i can delete?
  12. Hi all, i dont now what could be the issue, but after every printed layer my ultimaker head makes square-shaped movements above prints ca 10-20 times, extrudes some filament. So those few prints have "boxes" embedded into the model. Really weird - there is definitely no thin walled box in those designs i have opened. The first thing i tried to print was thin walled calibration box - is it possible that the box code is somehow "stuck" ? I know its stupid but still? Any ideas? Thanks in advance Taavi
  13. I think i found an answer: "dimension" plugin is off in Skeinforge.
  14. Hi All, i just finished my brand new ultimaker and i am also struggling in making my first print. There is continuous issue with the extruder motor. It runs under control panel well - i can extrude filament, the temperature is 210 (using PLA plastic). But when it what comes of printing, then the extruder motor starts up first, runs like 10-15sec. I can see the filament coming out from the extruder nozzle but then it stops. The extruder head is moving around, but nothing comes out unless i open the clamp and push the PLA cable manually forward. Is anyone out there who might know the soluti
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