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  1. Goodday Kushal, Nice job there u working on. I'm just wondering which firmware you uploaded to your RAMPS 1.4 board? The reason I asked because I too have RAMPS 1.4 board to make a 3D printer based on Ultimaker. Unfortunately due to my lack of knowledge in electronics stuff results the 3D printer making to nowhere :-| . I also would like to know more on your electronics connection for this project. Many thanks. -Sam
  2. Oh ya, is it possible to change the orientation of the object in pronterface? I tried looking for the button to change the orientation, but I just couldn't find it :shock:
  3. Ok, I did uploaded the new Marlin firmware into my UM, the thickness is still the same. Then now I try using pronterface. But tbh I really don't know how do I check the current setting for my z-axis or thickness for my object.. I send command M503 but it seems nothing happen, not show anything about my current setting.. :oops:
  4. Yeah I did got a new RAMPS board, but that board is for my not-yet-finish-build 3D printer. The printer that I hv this problem right now is my UM printer. Probably the problem is with the codes. The problem is that I hv the firmware uploaded into my UM long long ago, and I'm not change it since then. This is because I dunno where did I saved the firmware program :mrgreen:. I was thinking of uploaded the new Marlin firmware into my UM but I'm really afraid if something I don't like will be happening. :shock:
  5. @gr5 So, after I downloaded the Marlin firmware, I should upload it into my UM?
  6. Only *after* print. In Cura it shows full length. Then I printed the part, the height only half from the Cura. Okay I will try to download it. Thank you for the link.
  7. 1) Which part should I look for steps-per-mm for z axis? 2) Also where should I look for the stepper-drivers micro step setting? No i don't have ulticontroller, all the setting I set all from Cura. It's the same result when I used Cura 12.08 and Cura 13.06..
  8. Hi beautiful/gorgeous people, I'm facing a new problem recently. My prints for X and Y axis are good, just a slight problem I can solve. However, for the height (Z-axis), all the thickness of my prints reduced by half, either the STL files I downloaded or the files I created using CATIA. As far as I concern, I didn't change any setting for the thickness, in fact I didn't found any setting for the thickness as well. Any idea? Many thanks.. :???:
  9. Hi community, It's been a long time since my last post. So recently I bought a new set of 3D printer kit from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/RAMPS-Iduino-Endstop-Cooler-printing/dp/B00CXMVQLK. The idea is I am trying to make a new 3D printer of my own. So I use Marlin firmware with some mods I found in the internet, and looks like this (note that this is the configuration.h file): #ifndef CONFIGURATION_H #define CONFIGURATION_H // This configurtion file contains the basic settings. // Advanced settings can be found in Configuration_adv.h // BASIC SETTINGS: select your board type, temp
  10. Hi MSURunner, Yeh u right. 1 of my pulley attached to the motor was loose, so even the motor moves, but the nozzle head didn't move. I already tighten it and lubricated all the rods, and now it works good again. Thanks :mrgreen:
  11. Hi Daid, I did like u said, at first it works. But now it happened again, even worst. I'm suspected that maybe my belt misaligned, that makes the nozzle head hard to move, and stuck a bit on its journey, that lead to that situation. I will check my belt alignment. Other than that, do u hv any idea? I already tighten all the axes pulleys. Many thanks in advance
  12. Thank you Daid, I'll check into that. It's tinkercad from http://www.tinkercad.com , I used it because I just want to draw a simple shape.
  13. Hi all, Refer to the picture, its not suppose to be like that, is suppose to be a rectangular part. But any idea why the left and right sides happened to be like that? I check all motors are tight in their place. Is it because of belt slipping? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi all, After successfully print using Cura, I decided to change back to RepG for some features available in there. But for some reason I cannot connect to RepG. So I decided to try NetFabb, and I'm using Demo version since I'm not purchase it at the time I purchase my UM. I read some of the threads in Netfabb topic, and followed as suggested, and things didn't go as I expected. I got error as attached. Any idea? Many thanks.
  15. Well, I did tried. I want to have a circular pattern infill for my solid cylinder object, but the 1 available in the expert setting is only for non-solid object. In fact, all the settings for infill pattern in the expert setting are all for non-solid object. Maybe Cura still don't have the options yet.
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