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  1. It is pulling out of the top end of the PEEK. Destroyer, thank you for the explanation, it makes sense now. If I understand correctly, you are saying assemble it so when it slides out, I can remove the plug, re-assemble it and the white collar should be locked much tighter. After reading your reply, I took a much closer look at the end of the Bowden tube where it has been pulling out. I slid the tube through the collar and you are in fact correct; where it ended it was grabbed much tighter. However, I am struggling to come up with a way to implement your suggestion. The bowden tube doe
  2. The picture quality isn't the greatest but it's the best I could get right now. The chamfer looks fairly deep to me but the white clamp only sticks up enough to get the horseshoe clip on. I couldn't think of a quick fix if the chamfer is in fact too deep - any suggestions? The grey in the picture is some JB Weld that I tried but it didn't stick to the PFA. I think that the teeth in the white clamp are starting to get stripped. Is this a standard part I can buy here in the states to swap it out? What would I call that piece? I apologize I don't quite understand your suggestion. Do
  3. I recently built an Ultimaker and was able to get prints of decent quality out of PLA. However, the bowden tube backed out of the extruder during a print. Since then, I cannot make the tube stay in the clamp. I've tried all the suggestions I could find including cutting off the end of the tube to get a clean surface and nothing seems to work. As soon as I start to extrude, the tube pushes itself out rather than feeding the filament. I have seen the bowden clamp on thingverse which I hope would solve my problem, but unfortunately I cannot print at all so I cannot make it. Is there a tempo
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