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  1. >There are different possible causes for this. One could be a "extra" face inside the model which doesn't belong there. Use the X-Ray view to inspect the model (it's the 5th button above the preview) If anything shows up in red you might have an extra face or a hole in your model. I went and checked, and sure enough, I saw some floating red pieces in my shape file. Oddly though, when I reloaded the model, the extra faces appeared in a different location. I also tried looking at the model on my laptop again to check to see if it was a problem with the file. However, I did not see any of
  2. Hello, I've been having fun getting our new Ultimaker set up and it seems to work great. I initially set it up with my personal laptop, running Cura RC4 under Ubuntu 12.04. I have since moved it over to one of our lab computers, running the same version of Cura and Ubuntu. Generally, it works great as before, but it seems to have trouble slicing some shape files. Attached is an example of a hollow cylinder shape sliced on my laptop vs. the lab computer. As you can see, chunks are mysteriously missing from the path file and this is also true of the print. Does anybody have any experience
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