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  1. so Ive done the same, replaced the x & y axis with the new driver for far smoother movements. Although I'm not sure if the speed that I use to slice is being used when printing. I'm assuming its half of what I'm using to slice. None the less, printer x-y motion is smoother and so are the circles. The reason that the extruder has not been changes is because, I could not calibrate it reliably to print as accurately as the existing setup.


  2. Well, I use nf for anything that does not require retraction. Retraction is quite a bi***. Other than that, the surface finishes and quality of print from nf's gcode is second to none.

    I built my own profile settings from the ground up with very little taken from the original profiles. Took a lot of time, but works perfectly now.

    some of my prints are on http://3dlabs.in Do go through to see what I've been able to do


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