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  1. This mod looks really promising. Any chance that you could post some more pictures or video of your fan mount and left and right side air ducts/deflectors?
  2. I added a heated bed to my UM1 and used Ginge's Marlin Builder to generate custom firmware for it. I noticed that Cura 13.12 includes a new UM1 firmware. Does this version of Cura require the firmware update? If so, has the firmware source been released yet?
  3. I switched to this 3 point leveling mod and it works great, even with the stock acrylic platform. It only took me a few minutes to install the mod once I printed and bought all the parts. Highly recommended. Now I'm building a heated glass bed add-on.
  4. I think Marlin is good enough for now, but it may be challenging to add new features and sensors, such as like closed loop control, non-linear accelerations, filament flow rate sensing, and capacitive z-height sensing. I was looking at the TI Stellaris and other low-cost ARM processors as a platform for some CNC/motion control projects of my own. I'm intrigued by QP is one framework that seems to run on everything from Arduinos and ARMs to Linux and even Android and is free under GPL. It seems like a very elegant architecture to implement complicated real-time embedded applications. Anyo
  5. I contacted support and they shipped me a new bolt via DHL. It arrived yesterday. Great support!
  6. Thanks for the advice! UM is sending me a replacement part, but in the meantime, I'll use some threaded rod.
  7. One of the long M3 studding bolts in my kit came with a stripped thread. This is one of the four long thumb screws that are used to clamp the top and bottom plates of the extruder box together. Does anyone know of a US source for a replacement part? Would a simple M3 threaded rod with nuts on both ends work as a replacement? I'd hate to have to wait a week to have a single bolt shipped from the EU.
  8. Order: #100002695 June 7 Payment confirmed June 9 Shipped June 15 Delivered June 18 Much faster than I expected. Painted it last night and will start assembling today.
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