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  1. Cura does not display the time and material estimate anymore. Cant find a button to get it back.
  2. What is stronger? Infill or actual internal honey comb structure maybe 1mm thick?
  3. I opened the extruder and there are no shavings at all. Everything is clean, the filament is round and the delrin wheel too. I think it has to have something to do with the g-code. I am testing different settings now. I noticed that on Cura, the colour of the wall changes from red to yellow at the height where the problems start. What could that be?
  4. I can´t check at the moment because it is printing the same part again and the change in texture happened at the same height again. So maybe its a Cura problem? Using 13.06.4. I just installed the update. I also noticed that the print head does a weird stuttering motion every second layer. Maybe this is because the wall thickness is 0.8mm and the stuttering is there to connect the two layers together. This would explain the more rough surface...
  5. My printer used to run great for the last 2 years, but suddenly I get under extrusion in some areas. At the moment I am printing a hollow dome with 0.4mm wall thickness. It started off great but then the material turned cloudy and shows signs of under extrusion. Why would prints change half way through a print? Could something in the extruder have gotten loose or is there any wear? I´didnt print more than 2kg in the last 2 years. I am using the updated extruder. I am using Faberdashery material and had no problems with it previously. The diameter is 2.77mm. I changed it down during the last print to 2.73mm to improve the extrusion.
  6. I just chose that example because everyone knows what is meant. Some things you can't buy.
  7. I was wondering what your strategies for structural PLA parts is. For an example, lets say you want to print a heavy duty mount for a book shelf: 1. Print with 100% infill. 2. Print with 10/20/30% infill. 3. Print hollow and fill with construction foam. (Or some infill?) 4. Print hollow and fill with epoxy resin. 5. Wrap with epoxy drenched carbon fibers or Kevlar. So far I tried 100% infill parts which are amazingly strong but also take forever. Epoxy Resin was also quite strong but created a mess. Have you tried any of these? Has anybody else? How would you do it? If there are no good answers I might consider it for my final year project at University.
  8. I need to print a flexible ball that can be grabbed by a robotic hand and be gently squeezed. Something like a stress ball. What material can you recommend for that? Got an original Ultimaker and printed many things but only with Faberdashery pla so far.
  9. You can add a few layers of clear coat of 2 component epoxy "varnish/paint".
  10. Thanks for the advice. I thought it was only a loose belt. Since the problem is not that big I will keep it as it is. I am so happy with the results that I get at the moment that I dont want to change things. There are massive improvements when I compare my prints from last year with this year.
  11. I downloaded it and will try it soon.
  12. Yeah I mean the snake like pattern going accross the light relfection. Overall the print is already awesome.
  13. I dont think so. This looks more like a tension problem.
  14. That Coral thing looks very hard to print anyway...
  15. It looks like one but it is not. Does anybody know where this artefact comes from? It was printed in the orientation as on the picture. I also noticed that the front belt is a bit looser than the back. But since the quality is already quite good I dont want to make it worse. (Using Cura 13.03. I dont think this is a software problem. I know there is an update but why change a working system?)
  16. Make sure you tighten your bolts from time to time. Especially those connecting the stepper motors to the frame. Mine almost got loose during a print but I was lucky to retighten it in time.
  17. Horse Shoes and the corresponding plastic rings. Quite annoying if you cant print because of such a tiny piece. Just ask UM in your order to put in a spare in your kit.
  18. When I print a part with Cura and it tells me a print takes 1:50h. It usually takes twice as long. I am at 83% right now and it already printed for 2:40h. Why is that?
  19. Thanks, changed it and it is printing right now. Looks good so far.
  20. Thanks Daid, do you know the time of the day? Oh Daid, and you know what would be cool? If Ultimaker was to offer a Laser Cut Tool Holder that you can slide on the side of the ultimaker. So you can place all your pliers, knifes and tweezers in there.
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