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  1. Hello Zungara, Had a similar problem with underextruding. The diameter of my filament was varying from 2.85 mm to 3.2 mm. When you expect diameter changes you have to measure in more directions since sometimes you can have an oval shape. Also when your extrusion is fully stopped and measure the diameter just before the feeder, the extrusion the problem might be already gone. When my filament diameter becomes above 3.05 mm it does not fit through the owden tube anymore. When the diameter rises above 3.20mm it is diffcult to get the filament out of the bowden tube. It looks like a blocka
  2. Tried to print on Metal but didn't stick even not with Hairspray. It made a big mess When I tried on glass with hairspray the bottom surface was a little rough but mostly shiny Also tried PVC but it melted (ofcource but tried it anyway) Got the information from Thingiverse: 28787
  3. Tried to print on glass, but PLA didn't stick to it. However when I used Hairspray on the glass, PLA kept sticking on it.
  4. Another thing poped up in my mind. The tensioning screw for adjusting the force of the filament agains the hobbed bolt ( as suggested by prather). One time when I tried to adjust the screw in order to start the extruding again it was very tight when I turned it. But still no Extrusion. I took the thing appart and discovered that the screw was not even pushing agains the plastic. The plastic screw is mounted with a Nylock nut. When turning, I just felt the force from the nylon in the nut and not from the plastic against the hobbed bolt. What I do now is opening the extruder using the plasti
  5. My prints look like this if the filament is not taken in by the extruder. The extruder bolt grinds away part of the filament and there is not enough force to push the filament into the bowden tube. In my case it happens when the filament diameter gets above 3 mm. Also in this case I can not push the plastic in by hand anymore. Meaning open the extruder and try to push the plastic manually. What I do then is remove the filament and measure the thickness, cut away the too thick part and start again. I discovered this when investigating how much filament is transported on several extruder se
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