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  1. thanks everyone, I'll give Cura a try first. I tried CADspan but got an error message when getting the file back after inspection, and that was that. I'll give it another go and post again with the results. cheers!
  2. Hello from a UM newbie! The story so far: - I created a 6cm-long "castle" model in Sketchup based on my daughter's requirements... - I ran a test print at scale 1:2, and the complete gate was printed (obviously not too well because of the scale but that's not my point here), then tried at normal scale, and the vertical bars of the gate did not print at all!! :shock: Any ideas? (I'm using RepG, if that helps...) Thanks a lot! valerie
  3. Hello happy Ultimakers and Ultimakeresses! Got mine for my birthday (yay!!) and have done a few test prints (RepG), so far so good most of the time, but I'm new to modelling so having a few Sketchup headaches. I'd completely understimated the time-chomping prowess of the Ultimaker... but super happy to join the community! Have a lovely day everybody.
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