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  1. I think it is very simple. This solution by now has been tested for quite some time, so there doesn't seem to me a reason to further challenge it. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Can you tell me how long this fix has been stable now?
  2. I solved the temperature issue, but it is still not etruding. It does in preparation of the build, but as soon as the object is being printed from the zero-position, it does not even attempt to extrude.....
  3. I am not really looking forward to installing it under MacOs. It seems to be quite a hassle. But if you thinkk it is a setting in Skeinforge, I will check that out first.
  4. when I use the control options, everything works fine, including feeding of PLA, temperature setting etc. However, as soon as I start building, the extruder head stops being heated... It will not extrude anything.
  5. thank you! good tips. i resolved the issue.
  6. I assembled my printer and y and z-motors are working. X-motor does beep when activated (sounds just like the y-motor), but nothing moves. The pully is fixed. Any ideas?
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