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  1. Amendment: now I create filament pressure in bowden tube by hands - just before print (when button "Print G Code is alredy pressed and you see little print menu in Cura) I rotate big extruder gear manually and observe extrusion (of course temperature is already set and hot end is hot). Printing head is in "home" position (low left corner) and I keep small piece of paper under the head to catch hot filament - so no need for procedure "start print/clear platform/start print again"
  2. Hmm. In my case everything works well. Here my second print - I think it's almost perfect https://vimeo.com/45019154 One little hint - if ultimaker was just turned on I do next things (to create right amount of pressure of filament in bowden tube). I start printing then watching - is good extrusion is happening (It takes some time but not so much - less than 1 minute). If it is I stop printing, clear platform and start again.
  3. Same problem with extrusion here. At last I've got my Ultimaker. Ukrainian customs robbed me for additional 500 euros. They call it tax but I think it's robbery. Definately something is wrong with "Newcomer guide to your first 3D print". It doesn't work any more. First strange thing I noticed - when you are using control panel in RepG you can't move head in to negative half axis. Second strange thing - when you are printing something extrusion isn't happening at all. But extruder and hot end works fine - I've got nice test extrusion from control panel. I've noticed error message in log
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