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  1. Thanks for the input guys! Looks like I'm gonna upgrade the extruder driver (Bertho's at thing:26094). As I understand it I will still need the shim then? From the google groups, thing:24363 looks good.
  2. After about half a year of letting my Ultimaker collect dust, I decided to revive it to do some projects that I've been wanting to do for a while now. I was of course very excited to see how much Cura has been improved (thanks Daid!), but I'm also wondering about the hardware changes. Can anybody give advice on what to [*:1tzkn0yj]Fan duct - I replaced the standard fan duct with a fan from thingiverse (thing:17768), assuming it would be better. Even back then I had no idea whether it improved performance (didn't do any structural tests). Original, 17768 or other suggestions? [*:1tzkn0yj
  3. Interesting! How do you compare the fans? Agree about the fan under the machine (very much a band-aid solution), but once that's in place, it doesn't bother anything or improve performance.
  4. Can you name any? About interchangable nozzles: does it make sense to put a smaller nozzle on for highly detailed small pieces? Can the Z resolution be made smaller then too, or are we at the limits there regardless the nozzle diameter?
  5. Temperature: 210C Knob is tight enough, but that's hard to check of course (it leaves clearly visible marks on the filament). The filament is PLA from Ultimaker, could it be the quality (varying thickness)? Steps per E had to be adjusted a little bit higher: 872.870967742 (it extruded 99.2mm)
  6. I made my first few prints, using Cura. (for what it's worth: I was unable to complete the check routine, it stopped after the message for moving the head to the middle) The quality is not yet at the level where I want it, any suggestions? (sorry for picture rotation...) 1) Flat surfaces (bottom layers or on top of a 30% fill) don't seem to fill entirely, like it doesn't extrude enough material. 2a) Sometimes suddenly gaps appear. Some close after a few layers, others end the exercise (note that these are single walls, 0.4mm, no fill) 2b) 0.1mm layer height looks a bit smeared, quality
  7. I was having some problems getting the first layer to stick nicely to the blue tape. Double sided tape solves this nicely! It peels quite well from the blue tape, and after that from the plastic. No more sweeping the first layer(s) away, yay!
  8. AH that makes sense, so it's actually shifted with a dual head upgrade in mind About the fan shroud: I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for Ultimaker to put a standard set of DIY (or PIY, print it yourself) deluxe part files on the website, include it in the assembly instructions (which could use a thorough update by the way, wiring and several parts not matching current shipping machine...). I understand why they chose to make their components as simple as possible, but I'm sure they will acknowledge some parts will just function so much better when they're a bit more complex (especially whe
  9. I can't seem to figure out what I've done wrong, but this can't be right either! The pink dots are the limits of X-Y. The only way I can think of to fix this is to put the print head on the left in stead of the right, but that's not according to the instructions. Anything else I could have done wrong? The other thing I noticed is that the extruder fan cover is hitting the bed holder (just a mm too much), but I can't move the endstop further to the front...
  10. Same problem here, M113 not recognized
  11. Just built my Ultimaker, but while doing some primary tests with moving the extruder head in RepG, I notice that the jog values don't work when they go below 0. This means that I cannot move the print bed up above it's position position from when it was turned on. It's not that I cannot move it in one direction, because if I go to 1, I can move back to 0, but not -1. Is this normal behaviour?
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