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  1. I've ordered 80mxl and 64mxl belts based on previous posts and neither fit...both are too short. If someone could please post a link a retailer(US preferred) with the correct replacement belts I would be eternally grateful. I assembled my new extruder and I'm finally getting consistent filament flow. Once I replace my short belts I'll be back and running. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have one in Jacksonville...but of course it's a bit drive. Unfortunately, it's given me nothing but issues so far...mine may not be the best example of what these machines can do. If I could go back I probably would have purchased an Up! 3d printer because they work right out of the box. Does it have as accurate of a Z-height as the Ultimaker claims? No, but then again your Ultimaker may never give you reliable prints.
  3. Thank you so much Kyle! My prototypes require about 7-8 hours right now but wow 30 hours...and another user mentioned doing a 42 hour print with the same extruder. The tlalexander extruder looks a bit more stable, I'll give both a try since I have a lot of hardware hanging around anyways and maybe a direct comparison study will help other users in the future.
  4. I've been having a lot of feed issues during the later stages of prints. From reading other posts it seems that as heat builds up in the bowden tube the current extruder lacks the strength to continue to push the filament through. I've also noticed that when I manually feed filament that I get quite a bit of friction as the filament descends towards the hot end. I came across this upgrade on thingiverse and it seems to really improve the drive strength. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:19551 Does anyone have experience with this upgrade before I make the investment in all of these addition
  5. Thank you again Daid! I'm a total noob but I am learning quickly and hope to be able to assist others very soon. Starting calibration now...
  6. I have an ulticontroller and would like to use cura 12.07, I see that there is an option for custom firmware that can be uploaded separately. Since using cura 4.0 and upgrading to marlin through the setup manager I am unable to connect my ultimaker to replicator G, which would allow me to manually update the firmware. Is there another way to manually install the custom firmware to take advantage of the ulticontroller or a way to allow the printer to connect with replicator G? I've tried in versions 35 and 37 of repG so far.
  7. I had an issue with this until I realized I was putting it on backwards. Reference the Flickr photo... http://www.flickr.com/photos/ultimaker/6147211197/ It goes on the backside of the bowden tube which sticks out opposite of the extrusion nozzle. Going through the build this weekend as well, best of luck!
  8. Thank you very much for putting my mind at ease Daid. I'll give it a couple days before I call DHL if it remains on hold. Hopefully I'll be printing next weekend!
  9. I received a notification that my Ultimaker has been placed on hold in Leipzig, Germany...a quick google search revealed that this is generally not a good thing and I've seen every reason given from a simple holiday delay, to improperly declared value and worst case scenario "customs seizure." Has anyone else encountered a similar delay when receiving their Ultimaker? Thanks in advance, looking forward to printing and officially joining the community.
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