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  1. Found the problem. It looks like we tightned the ummm the 'quick release' part to much, it deformed the material so bad we barely pulled it out the tube. Now my only problem is finding stuff to do during an 8 hour print And ou looks like the tube rly loves popping out so i'll be printing the thingy. Thanks a lot! Kristina
  2. hmmm i think i was happy too fast :/ After a couple of hours (it was working so perfectly :( ) it stopped again. I disassembled it but there was no sign of a plug - both parts were clean. I heated it up to about 240°C and released the quick release thingy, tried to push and pull the material but it wouldnt budge. The special bolt grinded up the material pretty nicely but since i cant move the thing by hand i assume the grinding wasnt the cause of the material stopping. This is still the 1st roll of PLA we're using (one that came with the printer) so that shouldnt be the problem either. How do i check? Kristina
  3. yay thank you so much! It was a plug, we took it apart, cleaned...set the Z switch (after I kinda ripped the blue tape :/) but now it works ^^ thanks again! Kristina
  4. Hello! omg i think i broke it. I just started playing with this printer, i printed a few simple small thingies but then suddenly the material feed stopped. The extrude motor seems to be running (i see the gears turning) but the PLA stays still and nothing is coming out the nozzle. I was printing for about 2 hours at 210 to 225°C, didn't change/move/touch anything on the printer, just changing speeds and temperatures. The PLA just stopped coming out :( What do i do, what do i do? I hope to god its fixable...not rly my printer :/ Kristina
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